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Challenge Aarhus

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Bella, Charlie and I are now back to Leysin. We enjoyed our time in Aarhus, it was a very nice little city and the countryside that we saw during our stay was very beautiful. Denmark seemed like a very nice city.

The race for me went ok. I came out of the swim with Reto Hug and another guy but we were 1mn down on the first 2, I put on lots of clothes in transition as it was not so warm. Onto the bike and I was a bit behind the 2 I swam with. It started raining and I pushed a bit to hard on one of the corners and came down quite hard on my right side. But I got straight up and as I got going I got caught by 2 others. Then for the rest of the ride we gradally caught all in front. At the end of the bike it was a group of 7.

Onto the run and I tried to run with Reto which I managed for about 1.5km, then backed off as it was a bit quick. But then I just really tied up, I think it was partly the crash, partly running too hard at the start and partly not quite being fit enough:)

Anyway I ran the best I could and finished a little dissapointed in 5th. Still it was a good workout and some prize money too. And if I wasn’t to win then I was very pleased to see Reto win his first Half Ironman after the dissapointment in the week before of not being seletcted for the Swiss olympic team, well done Reto!

And then too see Bella running really well and coming home in 2nd made me very happy and proud of her.

My parents did a great job, as always, looking after Charlie, I think he enjoyed all the racing and activity that he saw, after the awards Reto and all of the bayliss’ went out for a lovely dinner in the evening, then packed up and back home the next morning.

I can highly recomend the race, it was a lovely course and great organisation as Challenge races always are. Next up is Challenge Roth in 3weeks time:)

Arrived in Aarhus for Challenge Aarhus on Sunday.

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Bella, Charlie and I flew out to Aarhus yesterday, it is a lovely small airport just a 20min flight from Copenhagen, I think that is the shortest flight I have ever done!

We are staying right in the city so enjoyed a walk throught the streets last night to get some food shopping and dinner. This morning we went to the local pool and were very pleased to be greeted with a 10lane 50m pool. I swam first then Bella swam and I went for a walk with Charlie, we found a few interesting shops including a bike shop and managed to get some CO2:) To replace the CO2 that they took of us in Copenhagen!

We are both looking forwrad to the race on Sunday. Granny and Grandad Bayliss will be coming out on Friday to help with Charlie on race day. Thank you mum and dad:)

On the beach the day after Ironman Lanzarote. With my parents. Charlie wanted to crawl straight into the water:) The waves gave him a bit of a shook though!

Gatorade Lab UK.

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Us all looking alittle aprehensive about going into the bod pod.  It is not a space ship.  It actually is a maching to measure body fat.

Bella preparing for here reaction test. Charlie found this quite amusing, but not nearly as funny as he found the agility test, i hve never heard him laugh so hard:)

Just a few pictures for my blog today:)

A few days after Ironman Lanzarote, Bella, Charlie and I went to Loughborough UK, to visit the Gatorade lab. It is a very impressive facility and we did numerous tests, Including some reaction tests. I have never heard Charlie laugh so much wneh he was watching mummy diong the agiliity/reaction test:)

Bella on the bike at the gatorade lab.

[caption id="attachment_503" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="On the finish line at IM Lanzarote, we were both tired but pretty happy with our 2nd place finishes:)"][/caption]

Me on the bike at the Gatorade lab in Loughborough