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Challenge Barcelona on Sunday

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Tomorrow Bella, Charlie and I fly to London, we will drop Charlie off at granny and grandad Bayliss, then we will fly off to Barcelona. It will be very strange for both of us to be without Charlie. But it will just be for the weekend and we will fly back after the race to see him as soon as possible:)

I am sure he will be fine and have a great time with he grandparents:)

Bella and I have had a nice 2 weeks recovering from Challenge Henley and then getting our bodies ready for the race on Sunday. It will be our last Challenge race of the year.

All the many Challenge races we have done all over Europe this year have been so fantastic, all with there own special feeling, but also all with the same great family atmosphere and great organisation that comes with the Challenge races.

Below are 2 videos from my last 2 Challenge races, you get a great feel for the races from these videos. Also if you like seeing shots of me, which I know you do mum, I am in these vidoes alot;)

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Challenge Henley

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Bella, Charlie and I arrived to the UK on Wednesday evening. Charlie has enjoyed seeing lots of his Granny and Grandad. On Friday we headed to Henley to get ready for the race on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, Granny and Grandad had a very early start, coming to start there day at our hotel room at 4am, to wait for Charlie to wake up. Bella and I headed off to the swim start at Henley business school. I was glad to feel the air temperature was much warmer than last year.

My race started with a good swim and I was on my own at the end with a good gap to the rest. Onto the bike and there were 2 out an back sections so I could see what was happening behind. Very soon it became me on my own out front and a group of 6 or 7 behind. I decided it was not smart to just hammer away out front on my own. So I rode steady and hoped to either get caught and ride with the group or if not then at least save my legs for the run.

At the end of the bike I still had about 2mins on the group and hoped that my steady pace would mean I had some run legs left. I found I was running good but some of the others were running well behind. In the end it was a race between me and Joel Jamieson who was running very well 2mins behind me all the way, so I could not relax and had to keep pushing.

At the finish I was very happy to have led from start to finish and win by about 90secs. Both Joel and I ran a 2:42 run so I was glad I had my run legs on and could hold of his charge from behind.

I could see Bella alot during the race with lots of out and backs on the bike and run. She was doing great all day, and did a very solid race to take her 3rd 2nd place at an Iron distance race this year.

I must thank all the people that gave me a shout during the race, it was so nice to hear you shout my name, thank you!

Charlie had a great day, playing outside on the grass parks in Henley, he was with granny and grandad as well as uncle and auntie and also his great grandad and Joan, Shane, Sam and Kate. He had lots of fun and did some cheering and clapping for the competitors.

My brother Mark, Broke the record for the Arch to Arc!

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Not only was he the first person to attempt this and complete it without a wetsuit for the swim, but he broke the record for the fastest ever overall time as well. Very good effort from someone that works 6days a week for about 12hrs a day. He said to me the hardest part was the sleep deprivation, he just wanted to go to sleep on the bike ride to Paris, and did for a few hours a couple of times:)

Below is the report on the challenge from the teambayliss website. Well Done Mark!

Saturday, September 8th at 12:09:12 PM (GMT) after running, swimming and cycling over 290 punishing miles from London to Paris inov-8 athlete, Mark Bayliss, successfully completed the Enduroman Arch to Arc triathlon* setting a new World Record of 73 hours and 39 minutes*. Starting from Marble Arch in London, the event involves a gruelling 87 mile run to Dover, a Channel swim from Dover to Calais and a 181 mile bike ride from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe, Paris. (Individual section times below)

Mark Bayliss becomes the first person to have completed the ultra distance triathlon without the use of a wetsuit for the Channel swim and only the 11th athlete to have ever finished the Enduroman Arch to Arc.

On being only the 11th individual to finish the Enduroman Arch to Arc, breaking the existing world record and setting a world first Mark (humbly) said “I went out wanting an adventure and we have had an adventure, it’s going to a take a while to sink in. At the moment it just feels like I am standing on a street corner (in Paris)”

He carries on “I know it’s not a normal thing but since I have been training for years for this, and it was just putting together all the pieces that I do regularly, it doesn’t feel that abnormal and as such hasn’t fully hit me. It just feels, ‘Job done’ and home to friends and family”

Mark’s success will hopefully inspire other committed athletes who in the future will be taking on some of the toughest endurance events in the world as part of the inov-8TM Challenge Series.

Commenting on the Mark Bayliss challenge, Wayne Edy Company founder of inov-8TM said: “We are extremely proud of everything Mark has achieved, he has shown that he is the ultimate committed athlete and really encapsulates inov-8TM’s values of pushing the limits of performance. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our inov-8 Challenge Series and we will be announcing more exciting challenges like this in the near future.”

Having represented England at junior level in Water Polo and Great Britain at youth level in Triathlon and Duathlon, Mark Bayliss put his sporting ambitions on hold during his twenties to concentrate on his career as a Company Director at Wings Transport. However upon turning thirty Mark decided to start training again, this time for endurance events and in 2007 he swam the English Channel solo. Since then he has competed in the Sri Chinmoy Lake Zurich Marathon Swim (26.4km) three times, raced two Ironman triathlons, 13 marathons and 10 ultras including the Marathon des Sables.

Mark is hoping to raise as much money as possible for SportsAid and help the next generation of British athletes. SportsAid helps young sportsmen and women to achieve their ambitions by supporting them during the defining early years of their careers – SportsAid athletes won 47 medals at London 2012 Olympics including 20 golds. You can still sponsor Mark at http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Bayliss0 or text (UK only) CFWC59 to 70070 with the amount you would like to donate.

For all the latest news about the challenge visit http://markbayliss.wordpress.com/ or watch the latest footage at www.youtube.com/userINOV8run. For more information about inov-8TM products visit www.inov-8.com.

Please note there is no existing direct relationship between inov-8 and Enduroman Events (www.enduroman.com), the inov-8 Challenge series, is a series following committed athletes in their personal challenge. That said inov-8 would like to thank Edgar Ette at Enduroman for allowing Mark and his team to capture in film and photography Mark doing this amazing event.

In addition to inov-8TM enabling this challenge, Mark is supported by Parlee Bicycles (www.parleecycles.com), Gatorade (www.Gatorade.co.uk), GB Cycles (www.gbcycles.co.uk), i-ride (www.i-ride.co.uk), Dynamo Boxing Gym in Croydon and Wings Transport (www.wingstransport.co.uk).

Mark’s Enduroman Arch to Arc Time

87-mile Run time: 26:20:37

Waiting for tide/boat: 13:59:23

Channel Swim total 11:48:00

Transition to bike: 03:22:00

181-mile Bike Total 18:09:12

Total Time: 73:39:12

Mark is half way through his Arch to Arc attempt.

Friday, September 7th, 2012

At the start of the run from London to Dover 85miles!

So my brother is half way across the Englsh Channel, he has made good time so should make a good current at the seperation zone.

Bloody good effort I think. After running 85miles so far then a short rest before getting into the channel at 2:50am in the dark and the cold water of Dover harbour.

He is attempting to be the first person to complete this event without a wetsuit.

He is also at the moment on track to beat the current record done by athletes wearing wetsuits, incredible effort!

It is a very mentally tough challenge, as well as physically, but I think it is something you really have to be very determined to keep going no matter how you feel. It is very impressive, well done Mark!

Lots of donations have been coming in during the event, so feel free to donate here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MarkBayliss or http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Bayliss0 All for the sports aid foundation in the UK.

more info and tracking for the event here:
Spot tracker: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0rbsK8naPLNJ4EOLlSqybWWTF9McFWcxZ

Route: http://www.enduroman.com/#/routes/4566144832

Live Enduroman site: http://www.enduroman.com/#/enduroman-live/4566664037

Escort Boat for the Channel is Anastasia with Eddie Spelling as pilot. Spot tracker for just the swim is: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0BmAad26YdAEXF3xrrW7t1uWuEUKPUDcT

Also all info is on www.teambayliss.co.uk

Come on Mark you can do it!