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Challenge Henley « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Challenge Henley

Bella, Charlie and I arrived to the UK on Wednesday evening. Charlie has enjoyed seeing lots of his Granny and Grandad. On Friday we headed to Henley to get ready for the race on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, Granny and Grandad had a very early start, coming to start there day at our hotel room at 4am, to wait for Charlie to wake up. Bella and I headed off to the swim start at Henley business school. I was glad to feel the air temperature was much warmer than last year.

My race started with a good swim and I was on my own at the end with a good gap to the rest. Onto the bike and there were 2 out an back sections so I could see what was happening behind. Very soon it became me on my own out front and a group of 6 or 7 behind. I decided it was not smart to just hammer away out front on my own. So I rode steady and hoped to either get caught and ride with the group or if not then at least save my legs for the run.

At the end of the bike I still had about 2mins on the group and hoped that my steady pace would mean I had some run legs left. I found I was running good but some of the others were running well behind. In the end it was a race between me and Joel Jamieson who was running very well 2mins behind me all the way, so I could not relax and had to keep pushing.

At the finish I was very happy to have led from start to finish and win by about 90secs. Both Joel and I ran a 2:42 run so I was glad I had my run legs on and could hold of his charge from behind.

I could see Bella alot during the race with lots of out and backs on the bike and run. She was doing great all day, and did a very solid race to take her 3rd 2nd place at an Iron distance race this year.

I must thank all the people that gave me a shout during the race, it was so nice to hear you shout my name, thank you!

Charlie had a great day, playing outside on the grass parks in Henley, he was with granny and grandad as well as uncle and auntie and also his great grandad and Joan, Shane, Sam and Kate. He had lots of fun and did some cheering and clapping for the competitors.

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