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Challenge Barcelona on Sunday « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Challenge Barcelona on Sunday

Tomorrow Bella, Charlie and I fly to London, we will drop Charlie off at granny and grandad Bayliss, then we will fly off to Barcelona. It will be very strange for both of us to be without Charlie. But it will just be for the weekend and we will fly back after the race to see him as soon as possible:)

I am sure he will be fine and have a great time with he grandparents:)

Bella and I have had a nice 2 weeks recovering from Challenge Henley and then getting our bodies ready for the race on Sunday. It will be our last Challenge race of the year.

All the many Challenge races we have done all over Europe this year have been so fantastic, all with there own special feeling, but also all with the same great family atmosphere and great organisation that comes with the Challenge races.

Below are 2 videos from my last 2 Challenge races, you get a great feel for the races from these videos. Also if you like seeing shots of me, which I know you do mum, I am in these vidoes alot;)

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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