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We are going to La Graciosa « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


We are going to La Graciosa

The island of La Graciosa

Today we go on a Sands Beach Resort outing to the small Island of La Graciosa, just off the coast of Lanzarote. I have always wanted to visit the small beautiful island. We always see the magnificent view of it whenever we ride up to Mirador del Rio, which is on the Ironman bike course at the far north of the island.

Charlie watching the Kids marathon a Sands Beach Resort. Today Charlie and I will watch the La Graciosa trail run:)

We are going to do a 31km trail run race, I was really looking forward to running but I have managed to pick up a sinus infection and so will just be watching, Ritchie also has a cold so he will also watch with Kat Charlie and me. Bella and Eimear will run so we will cheer them on along with all the other runners we are travelling with from Sands Beach.

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