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Tri122 race in Costa Tequise Lanzarote

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Winning the Tri122 race.

Bella and I did the tri122 race here in Costa Tequise on Saturday, it was so close to our base here at Sands Beach it was perfect for a good training day for us all.

It was a very successfull day for us all too. Bella got 2nd in the Womens long race, I won the mens long race, Ritchie and Eimear both won the short race.

It was a very well organised event and a really challenging course, especially with the really strong gusty wind. I have never been scared of being blown of the road before, but on Saturday up at the top of the mountain by the wind turbines, I really thought I was going to get blown off the road. But fortunately I and everyone else made it down safely:)

Bella on her way to 2nd in the Tri122 race.

Ritchie winning the 1km, 60km, 10km race

Eimear winning the 1km, 60km, 10km race

Some of the the Sands Beach team:) Andres on left and Juan Carlos on the right.

New bike position by Team TBB’s Joseph.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

My position before the fit, long and stretched out. Saddle is far back and bars high and long.

While Joseph is here at Sands Beach I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use his skills as a bit fitter and get him to look over my position.

The one thing he liked on my bike was the 3T brezzer bars with the 6cm spacer under the arm rests. I really like this set up as I feel it puts the base bar in a really good position for in and out of the saddle riding.

Jo would normally do this in his shop with the Retul system, but he had a few tools with him to measure joint angles and tape measure and plump lines to help too.

So below is the results of our fit. Photos aren’t great but the best we could do at 6pm at night and with the drug testers as guests as well:)

I am very happy with the results, it feels good and is more aero. Thanks Jo. Get in touch with him if you want a proper bike fit for your new bike.

Stretched out, not quite the superman position though:)!!

Progression 1, moved saddle forward, bars down and shorter with down ward stem. stem.[/caption]

Progression 1.

Progression 1. Forward and up in saddle. Lower and shorter in bars, with a different stem.

Final position. Lowered saddle from progression 1, tilted bars up. Final result being, much more aero and much more comfortable:)

Final position, front view relaxed aero.

Active aero position, lowered head and hunched shoulders:)

Sundays training.

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Run start in Costa Tequise.

On Sunday Ritchie, Bella and I did a short run race as part of our days training. It was great fun with lots of music and lots of runners enjoying the run on the coast path.

Charlie had a great time playing in the park and dancing to the music, it was like an outdoor disco at the park:)

Bella won the womens, Ritchie won the mens and I got 2nd in the mens.

It is actually my birthday today, I was very surprised to of actually got a few presents. Thank you for my 2 new T shirts. I think perhaps people were thinking that I needed them:)

Sands beach also gave me a nice plate of cakes and sweets for my birthday. I might share them out at our afternoon swim:)

Chasing Ritchie, but he was quite far in front!

Ritchie and I swimming in the lovely Sands Beach Active pool.