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Challenge Roth Post race.

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Exiting the swim at Roth. A good start!

Yesterday was Challenge Roth. In the end I did much as I expected, a little off form! The swim was good I came out in 2nd with a group of 5 and 2mins 30 or so to the main pack behind. I didnt have quite what a i needed on the bike, but actually I came off the bike in 9th and in a position to get a decent result with a good run, but I didnt run so fast:) And finished in 22nd. The race was as always an amazing experience, the crowds here on race day are incredible. More than any other race I have done. The atmosphere is fantastic. Everything about this race is a real credit to triathlon. Well done Challenge!

It was great to see Caroline do so well and win in fine style, and James too with a very good performance to come 2nd, well done both.

I will keep working away to get back to my top shape for the races to come later in the year.

I just want to say a big Thank you to my Homestay here Manfred and Cornelia. You go way above and beyond what any homestay should do! Thank you! You are special people!

Challenge Roth

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Since Ironman Lanzarote which was a while ago now. I have not had a smooth time of training. I got a little ill after the race and it took a while to get back to full health and get back into full training. I have done a bit of decent training the last few days and I will be heading to Challenge Roth next week.

Last year was my first experience of Roth and it really is one of the best races in the world. Everything from the atmosphere in the town, the amazing experience of the race it self and the incredible homestays that many athletes enjoy, including myself. I am very much looking forward to staying with Cornelia and Manfred once again, they are wonderfull people and looked after me like I was one of the family last year.

I have no expectations about my performance but I will be giving my best and will enjoy the day:)

All the best to all the other athletes racing I am sure you will love the whole experience too:)The crowds on the Solarberg climb are incredible, the noise is defening, it is truly a unique experience for a triathlon. The crowd support every athlete it is just as crazy for all the agregroup athletes as well as the pros. The whole race is a very special experience