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Friday, August 9th, 2013

Dan and I running together at IMUK, shame for me that I couldn't keep up!

On Sunday I raced IMUK. I had a fine swim, which I seem to be able to do these day and came out with Harry Wiltshire and our very own Dan Halksworth. Onto the bike and Dan and I took turns at setting the pace on the front, Dan did some very solid turns and we dropped Harry at the end of the 1st Lap I think. From then on it was Just Dan and I to the end of the bike which was nice:)

Onto the run and we heard that we had a good gap to all those behind, so it seemed it was a race between Dan and I. I felt good running out towards Bolton but around the 20km mark I lost most of my strength and energy and Dan carried on running very strongly. I did manage to get some pace going in the last 10km, but Dan was way ahead and eventually won with a great performance. It is difficult to defend a title from the previous year But Dan did just that with an improved performance on last year. Each year Dan has got better, so where he will stop, who knows!

Bella had a tough day and could have very easily called it a day on the run, but she very bravely carried on as best she could and I am very proud of her 4th place finish, well done Bella! Bella has done some amazing things in her Career; 15 Iron Distance titles and an ITU World Long Distance Title among many other results, with IM course records set all over the world. She was almost unbeatable in Ironman in 2008 and 2009, with a total of 9 ironman wins in just those 2 years, who has ever done that? No one to my Knowledge! Completely clean, I unfortunately have to say that in these depressing times of drug cheats!!

Anyway I just wanted to say how proud I am of Bella, she was a long way from her best shape but still put herself out there to do the best she could on that day.

Not that you couldn’t guess, but ask me, who is my sporting hero, Bella is! No doubt!

Alp d Huez and IM UK

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

It is Swiss day here in Leysin. I can hear the Swiss horns playing as I type:)

Charlie has just gone to sleep, we hope he doesn’t get woken up when the fireworks start!!

Tomorrow Bella, Charlie and I head to Bolton for IM UK on Sunday. We are all looking forward to the trip and the race. It will be Charie’s 2nd birthday on Monday so we will be celebrating whatever happens.

I am feeling in pretty good shape! I had a short rest after Roth, then I did the anual Alp d Huez trip with the team, which involves 2days of riding through the alps, an easier day, then the race, then 2 days rididng home, it was as always great fun and great training. In the race I felt not too bad and was fairly pleased with my 4th place finish. I felt like the whole week did me alot of good.

Happy Swiss day to everybody:)Climbing up the Alp d Huez