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Back to Lanzarote

February 5th, 2013 by stephenbayliss

Me doing some run training pulling Charlie in the sledge:)

It is great to be back to the warmth and sunshine of Lanzarote and the great resort of Sands Beach. We had a great time visiting family in London and then in Scotland, but it was very cold and snowy, however it meant that we could spend lots of time with family. Charlie had a lovely time playing with Sonny the dog and his cousins Leo and Josie.
Burns night with the family in Abeerdeenshire.  Great fun with lots of entertainment from everybody.  Really lovely dinner of Tatties neeps and haggis:)
Burns night with the family in Aberdeenshire. Tatties neeps and hagis for dinner then entertainment from all, great fun:)

But now we are back to sands beach and getting going again with the training. I feel quite fat and unfit, but I think I am probably not. We have a really good little group here at sands beach with the TEam TBB UK and Germany athletes all here training hard.

Ready for a swim sessions written by coach Charlie.

Next race maybe a in a good while. The focus is on some good training for now.

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Christmas at Sands Beach Lanzarote.

December 26th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

We all had a fantastic Christmas dinner at the Hacienda restaraunt here at Sands Beach, it really was an extremely good meal. Thank you! Yum yum!

[caption id="attachment_645" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Charlie with Kat on the beach. We all had a lovely Christmas day in Lanzarote:)"][/caption]

Charlie on the beach with mum on Christmas day.

[caption id="attachment_640" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Father Christmas getting mobbed at the Mai Tai bar."][/caption]

Father Christmas' Camel.

[caption id="attachment_638" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Waiting for Father Christmas to make his way over the bridge here at Sands beach. He did make his way down the beach on a camel which I have a video of, but can\'t uplaod it, so you just have to trust me it was quite a sight:)"][/caption]

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Lanzarote International Marathon

December 10th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

On Sunday, Bella and I raced the Lanzarote International Marathon, organised by Sands Beach resort, which is where we are based.

It was a really beautiful course, all down the coast to Puerto Del Carmen, the organisation was great with lots of events all over the weekend, including a kids run race on Saturday which we all enjoyed watching.

For the race I ran steady for 21km then pushed on as best I could, however it was a bit harder than I thought it was going to be on the return leg, with the head wind and my quads deciding they had had enough with about 10km to go. I was very glad to get to the finish in 1st place and then watch as Bella came in to win the womens race. It is really speacial when we both manage to win the same event. I think we have done it about 6times now.

Charlie had a great time enjoying all the events with Kat. He is running everywhere, I think he wanted to take part in the kids race, maybe next year.

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The movie premier of The Bayliss’s training:)

November 24th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

We have been all having lots of fun at Sands Beach Resot here in http://www.activelanzarote.com/

We are training hard too:)

YouTube Preview Image

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70.3 Lanzarote

November 12th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

Coming out of the swim with the leaders was a fine start!
70.3 Lanzarote was a great race on Saturday. It is a very challenging course and with the strong winds it made it a very good test for everybody. Both Bella and I came up a bit short in this test this time. But we both will get some strength from having a good hard race out in the winds and hills of Lanzarote.

It was still a good experience and possibly a good kick up the bum for both of us to get going and lift ourselves up for our next races.

We are still enjoying our time and training here at www.sandbeach.eu and training here on the great Island of Lanzarote. It is such a inspiring place to train, the scenary and the atmosphere of the island is very special.

Next up for us is more training here at sands beach and then the next race will probably be 70.3 South Africa.

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Music Marathon and training at Sands Beach resort.

October 30th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

All of us before the start of the Music Marathon.

On Saturday Bella, Charlie and I all did the Music Marathon here in Lanzarote. It is in Puerto del Carmen which is where the Ironman is based every May.

We have been here in Lanzarorte for 1 week now, staying at www.sandsbeach.eu resort the training has been perfect here with a beautiful new 8 lane 25m pool and great access straight onto the excellent roads for cycling here in Lanzarote. Also we have done many runs straight out of our door and down the beach front promenade which is perfect for some flatter fastter runs and intervals.

Bella and Charlie finishing the Music Marathon

We all had great fun doing a good hard run and enjoying the music and the special atmosphere of this event in the evening with all the bands all along the course.

Bella and Charlie zooming along!

Bella did a great run starting from the back ansd weaving her way through the crowds to come 3rd in the 10km. Charlie looked to be loving whizzing along the beach front over taking everybody.

Running in the Music Marathon at Puerto Del Carmen

I had a good hard run in the 21km race, I finished 3rd and it was a really good event and great training for us all.

Next up is the IM 70.3 Lanzarote on the 10th November.

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Leysin to Lanzarote.

October 19th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

On the bike at Ironman Lanzarote.

On Monday we will fly off to lovely Lanzarote, we will be staying at Sands Beach resort: http://www.sandsbeach.eu/en/ It is a new place to stay for us. Most people know of Club La Santa as the sports resort of the island, but Sands Beach also has great sporting facilities, including a lovely looking 25m pool. Also it is in a great part of the island.

I will be updating on how our stay goes as it will be new for us and I am sure of interest to others who are looking for a great warm weather training location.

Bella and I will also be racing the new 70.3 Lanzarote on the 10th of November, it looks to be a great course.

The last few weeks I have been training and DIY ing. With the help of Bella’s mum I have finished our kitchen, see photo.

I am particularly pleased with the wood cladding I did here on the right:)

I am very proud of our work. I don’t think my grouting work is quite as good as Bella’s mums, but it is good enough, I think:)

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Challenge Barcelona and a good video of Marks Arch to Arc record.

October 5th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

Bella, Charlie and I are back to Leysin now. The weekend went very well for Charlie, he and granny and grandad Bayliss had a great time it seems.

Bella and I didn’t have such a great weekend without Charlie. The race wasn’t a success for us both. I had a good swim and fine bike coming off with the front group with just 1 guy 8mins ahead. I was looking forward to the run but for whatever reason I just had nothing and got slower. I managed to finish in 9hrs 44mins with a 4hr 19min marathon time:) my slowest ever marathon time. But I was pleased to finish, I just kept trying to find a way to get myself going again, which is possible in Ironman but didn’t happen on Sunday.

But never mind, back to Leysin and the sun is shinning so we are enjoying it while it lasts.

The video below is of my brother Marks Arch to Arc record. He is the fastest ever and the only person to complete the swim section without a wetsuit! Last week somone attemted the same but was pulled out of the water after 16hrs with a body temp of 30C and salt water on his lungs, he is now out of intensive care but still in hospital I believe, we wish him well and hope he recovers well. It just showed what an incredibly tough challenge this is, especially to swim the channel in the middle and without a wetsuit. Anyway the video below gives you a good idea of what it was all about. You can still donate to the sports aid foundation here: http://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Bayliss0
or text (UK only) CFWC59 to 70070 with the amount you would like to donate.

YouTube Preview Image

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Challenge Barcelona on Sunday

September 28th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

Tomorrow Bella, Charlie and I fly to London, we will drop Charlie off at granny and grandad Bayliss, then we will fly off to Barcelona. It will be very strange for both of us to be without Charlie. But it will just be for the weekend and we will fly back after the race to see him as soon as possible:)

I am sure he will be fine and have a great time with he grandparents:)

Bella and I have had a nice 2 weeks recovering from Challenge Henley and then getting our bodies ready for the race on Sunday. It will be our last Challenge race of the year.

All the many Challenge races we have done all over Europe this year have been so fantastic, all with there own special feeling, but also all with the same great family atmosphere and great organisation that comes with the Challenge races.

Below are 2 videos from my last 2 Challenge races, you get a great feel for the races from these videos. Also if you like seeing shots of me, which I know you do mum, I am in these vidoes alot;)

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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Challenge Henley

September 18th, 2012 by stephenbayliss

Bella, Charlie and I arrived to the UK on Wednesday evening. Charlie has enjoyed seeing lots of his Granny and Grandad. On Friday we headed to Henley to get ready for the race on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, Granny and Grandad had a very early start, coming to start there day at our hotel room at 4am, to wait for Charlie to wake up. Bella and I headed off to the swim start at Henley business school. I was glad to feel the air temperature was much warmer than last year.

My race started with a good swim and I was on my own at the end with a good gap to the rest. Onto the bike and there were 2 out an back sections so I could see what was happening behind. Very soon it became me on my own out front and a group of 6 or 7 behind. I decided it was not smart to just hammer away out front on my own. So I rode steady and hoped to either get caught and ride with the group or if not then at least save my legs for the run.

At the end of the bike I still had about 2mins on the group and hoped that my steady pace would mean I had some run legs left. I found I was running good but some of the others were running well behind. In the end it was a race between me and Joel Jamieson who was running very well 2mins behind me all the way, so I could not relax and had to keep pushing.

At the finish I was very happy to have led from start to finish and win by about 90secs. Both Joel and I ran a 2:42 run so I was glad I had my run legs on and could hold of his charge from behind.

I could see Bella alot during the race with lots of out and backs on the bike and run. She was doing great all day, and did a very solid race to take her 3rd 2nd place at an Iron distance race this year.

I must thank all the people that gave me a shout during the race, it was so nice to hear you shout my name, thank you!

Charlie had a great day, playing outside on the grass parks in Henley, he was with granny and grandad as well as uncle and auntie and also his great grandad and Joan, Shane, Sam and Kate. He had lots of fun and did some cheering and clapping for the competitors.

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