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Back in Blighty « Tamsin Lewis's Blog


Back in Blighty

My last 10 days in Thailand – had been a little more relaxed than the rest of my fellow Team TBB mates.  Enforced rest was upon me… and it was not for once welcomed.

I headed up to Phuket to a ‘fancy’ private hospital to get my C-bone reXRAYed and to seek advice from an ortho specialist there.  Well he spoke English, so that was a start… and I must admit was pretty impressed by the facilities at Bangkok Phuket hospital.  Meets international standards for private hospitalisation and I spied a fair few westerners wandering around with their drips … and began to guess which cut price operative procedures they’d jetted to the sunny side for. I spotted at least three boob jobs, two possible knee ops… and one lady who i think had pushed caution to the wind and gone for face/boob/tummy/knee/hip op… it wasnt pretty!

So getting the word from the surgeon that he didn’t think my need for an op to repair my beleagured collar bone was imminent – he tightened my figure of eight ‘brace’ – put me in a sling and sent me on my way.  The next four nights were spent in ’5 star Freddy’ accomodation.  I started off at The JW Marriot Resort and Spa in Phuket. … but decided after a few hours there… that it really wasnt my cup of tea…. beautiful – yes…. but far too generic – like you could be anywhere in the world in a similar place – no real authenicity.  Then it came to the steak dinner with some rather stunning Sauvignon Blanc – absolutely delicious (and not a chilli in sight!)… but then the bill came and I realised that spending $50 on dinner a night was definitely not feasible – given my now status as an (otherwise unemployed) professional athlete.

So i kicked up a wee bit of a fuss and asked for my money back – and moved – to a place up the coast where I had stayed some 5 years ago.  Secluded and serene, feet away from the Andaman Sea.  just the place for some down time.  Now those of you who think enforced rest means no exercise – well not really.  Brett had given me the ok to get on the bike in the gym – so I was there 48 hours after the accident… sitting up on the bike pushing some high gears.. trying to keep some strength in my wee legs.

I’m no good at being on the other side of the fence – i.e a patient, and often am pretty pants at taking my own advice to take it easy. But its all in perspective… i didnt do anything stupid – but lying around waiting for my bone to heal – isnt my style.  There is a fair bit of evidence to suggest that bone healing post fracture is enhanced by a diet rich in vitamin C and Calcium and Vit D.  Well I have eaten by body weight in fruit almost daily since my time in Thailand so my ascorbic acid levels were constantly topped up…. and of course the effects of sunlight on the skin increases Vitamin D levels… so that just leaves the Calcium… so added a bit of extra dairy to my daily intake… every little bit helps ;)   So we’ll see.

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post accident and its time for another XRay and a consultation with a renowned Shoulder and sSports medicine specialist.  He will give me the final say on whether he thinks an operation is necessary.  I have in pretty firmly in my head that an op is not the way forward but I have to think about my return to function – and long term its gonna be swimming which will be the hardest to get back to… so i want my c-bone in tip top shape!

The last few days I came back from Phuket to Krabi… saying goodbye en route to Brett at the airport ….   my heart sank a little driving up to our team base… and little sadness that I couldn’t join the others in their sessions.  Took me 10 minutes of feeling sorry for myself before I thought of a new challenge which could keep me occupied and the muscle fibres active… the climb up to the Temple on top of the mountain.  1226 steps. Easy I thought… and then I started to climb and noticed some people coming back down…. they looked shattered. One said to me – she couldnt do – too steep and she was scared of heights… hmm one wonders why she started… but hey at least she tried..

Then I realised – whoah – these steps are steeep.. almost vertical … and I smiled. like a challenge me .. so I started my stopwatch… and 15 minutes and a l o t of sweat and heavy breathing .. later I was at the top.  What a view!   My camera didnt really do it justuce… but could see for miles -a total 360 degree panorama… The Big Buddha was kinda cool too…   my mind quickly snapped back to the climb… and I was off down again, only to come back up for the second time … and then the third.   The other toursists struggling up the steps thought I was mad but hey… we all are us triathletes ;)

I must admit – the next day I could barely walk down the stairs!

The girls had brought me back a turbo from Singers… a fair bit of encrusted rust – but hey it worked so game on.

Sad to leave Thailand and the peeps… especially as was just getting to know James and Scottie.. Donna was sad to see me leave at first but quickly got over this when I bestowed on her all my products I couldnt carry back home… and my ‘home comforts’ like rugs and pillows that i’d bought to make the room a bit more comfy..  she felt like she’d been to a jumble sale!

So now i’m back in the cold but suprisingly bright London.. 0 degrees is no fun – but if the sun’s out all becomes a bit more bearable.  another turbo session and lots of sleep and i’m feeling a bit more alive…  lets see what the specialist says tomorrow ..but he may have a bit of a fight on his side if he wants to get his knife into me ;)

The Steps upKrabi SunsetThe Top of The MountainDe Big BuddhaThe ViewThe Monkeys

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