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Healing Bones and Atrophic Deltoids « Tamsin Lewis's Blog


Healing Bones and Atrophic Deltoids

Thank goodness for my Helix :)

Thank goodness for my Helix :)

Well since I last wrote things have moved on apace… you may remember that since all went ‘Pete Tong’ (as we say in the UK – or did in the 90′s) – as in not the way one had planned… on the operating table… I decided that I would let nature take its course and see if my collar bone would heal..

Well its week 8 now and I can say that all appears to be going well… I came over to Lanzarote on 5th April to train in the sun (London was seriously not getting any warmer – in fact it seemed to be be getting colder…uuurgh).
On my first day there I met a mutual friend of ours … a chap who works as a surgeon in London but who also caught the Tri bug some time back and now regularly tackles M-Dot courses (although how he manages to train at all being a top surgeon, a clinical director and bring up 3 kids beggars belief;)

I had just finished a 100m one arm paddled rep when we got chatting and he said have you tried to swim with that arm yet? I said – well no – just doggy paddle… and he had a bit of a a feel around my collar bone area and says – ‘luv – its solid – swim away…’ Soooo…

with the confidence behind me I gave it a go… and it worked… no pain… no discomfort – I could swim again! 6 weeks after I broke my collar bone and I could swim.. I was all smiles…

So I swam a bit more and all ok, and the next day no ache.. this is good news. Now being a doc, but a completely irrational one at that sometimes… I knew that the road to complete recovery is never totally smooth… so i’ll expect a few bumps. The cheif Doc’s words always echo in my mind… don’t rush..

So training out here has been ok.. wind as per usual batters you about a bit… and I’m constantly having to compete with my Irish man who seems to be getting stronger by the day…. (I have to stop to remind myself that he is racing IM Brasil in a few weeks…)

There have been a few difficulties over the past few weeks with another medical problem that sprung up, but all seems to be well and going good again now.

The swim is tough… because I feel like a weak lamb trying to move myself through the water… but the strength will come. Its tough being beaten by your other half… especially when 2 months ago I was steaming ahead… but hey ho… it gives me a little something to aim for :0

So the plan is – keep training steadily and consistently… I was hoping to do The Volcano Tri Olympic Distance out here on 3rd May – for a bit of a fun really – plus the prize pot is decent.. I came 4th last year and pocketed enough to cover my flights so not so bad… But the Boss says no… waaay too soon…

Lets aim for IM 70.3 UK – bring on those hills ;)

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