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Iron Housewife at IM Canada « Tereza Macel's Blog


Iron Housewife at IM Canada

Ironman Canada is a race I had wanted to do for a while. But I always knew that I wanted to do it fit and ready to race. And as Brett pointed out over, and over when I showed up to camp back in February I was a “housewife” not a pro athlete.
Yup, Brett gave me a hard time at the beginning. Pointing out that I had gotten soft, both physically and mentally, and probably should go back home and bake some cookies, since housewives in his book don’t go too well head to head with iron athletes. But whenever he let the “housewife” remark slip instead of being offended I pictured this World War II poster.


So as the season has progressed apparantly the housewife got busy, and finally stepped up and flexed some muscle.
My latest outing was at IM Canada. And it was awesome. It is known as a fair, challenging bike course, and often a tough, hot run. And of course facing off with two time IM Canada champion and ex team TBB’er Belinda Granger added to the challenge. I must admit my swim was ok, but not super. I found myself not making the men’s group, and instead leading my own way over the single loop swim course.
The first 15-20 km of the bike I was tense, and had trouble finding my rhythm. It didn’t help when I heard that Belinda was taking some time out of my 2 minute swim lead. But eventually I relaxed, found my rhythm and started to enjoy the bike course and just look ahead. It was a windy day, and I knew that there probably would not be any super speedy bike splits that day. The course had a bit of everything, longer climb, rolling hills, flat fast sections, and a good long descent back into town. At the turn around I saw that I was extending my lead, and if I stayed calm would be able to get into T2 with a decent lead.
My last IM run fell apart a bit over the last 10 km, and since this was a much hotter day I really made an effort to set a comfortable pace and not go crazy too early. I made plenty of use of the aid stations, dumping all I could find over my head, and filling the front of my suit with ice each time I could. It was incredible how quickly the ice melted, by the next aid station there was nothing there again. I was surprised a bit when at 30 km I felt as good as I had at 10, and even more so when the final 5 km I still felt strong. It was awesome to be able to enjoy the crowds and support from other athletes out on the course. And of course crossing the finish line first was super sweet.
The housewife managed to toughen up, and get it done.


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