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AWOL in Singapore

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

OK, not exactly AWOL, since we did have official leave. On Friday, Rebekah, Caroline and I biked, swam and then hustled to the airport to catch a short flight to Singapore. There was some new sponsor gear to pick up at the TBB main shop, and also I had to leave Thailand so that I could restart another 30 day visa, upon returning.
The plans were grand- go to the TBB bike shop, get a massage, get a pedicure, manicure, go shopping, rest, sleep, all in less than 48 hours. The time flew by far too quickly. We wandered around looking for a place to eat, while the TBB mechanics worked on their speedy Cervelos. The business district was rather quiet on the weekend, but there was certainly no shortage of Starbucks, which made the coffee addict girls happy.

Wandering through the streets of Singapore

Wandering through the streets of Singapore

The cuisine in Singapore is varied, everything you can probably think of. Not sure how but we ended up eating some Indian food Saturday, which was only the second time I have tried it I think. We kept asking if the dishes were spicy, “no spicey, and only little spicey” were what the lady answered. Hmm… guess spicey is all relative, just like fast and slow. I think the only thing that did not burn my lips off was the steamed rice. It did not make for a very good long run the next morning.

Caroline enjoying some Singapore spice

Caroline enjoying some Singapore spice

We stayed at the TBB apartment while there, which was super. Very comfy, convenient, a nice pool, and running trails just outside the door. The one odd thing was the “fireman lift”, right beside the sign that says no using the elevator during a fire. Of course the building did have 35 stories.

Sign above one of the three elevators at the apartment

Sign above one of the three elevators at the apartment

Now I am back in Krabi, ready to settle in for another little stretch of training before heading to Abu Dabi for a new triathlon race there. That should be a very interesting trip I am sure. But first I need to get in a solid week and a half of training. Fast and spicey, all relative, so I need to make my slow quite spicey.

Baywatch at the beach

Friday, February 19th, 2010

It has been a while since I have updated our adventures in Krabi. Blame it on the heat, that saps the energy each day, Doc for the crazy workouts he keeps coming up with, or the 4 flights of stairs lead up to my room. Now that I have finished whining, and kind of had a rest day, I am back on track. This was from a while ago, when we had a group outing to the beach. Kate, aptly nicknamed Baywatch, always seems to have too much energy that she needs to burn off. So at the beach she was testing out her talents at what kind of world records she might be able to set. I think she is missing the mark by not signing up for a banana eating contest. After the ocean adventure she polished off at least 7 of them in about 3 minutes.
YouTube Preview Image

Things to look out for while running in Krabi

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Running is running, left foot, right foot, and repeat till you get where-ever you are going. However running in Krabi does pose some new twists.
The things to look out for are
1) Dogs- most are tired, and just laying around, but once in a while there is a spry one that will bark, and even chase.
2) Elephant poop- much, much bigger than dog poop.
3) crazy mopeds- actually, they are a bit nutty, but do an awesome job watching out for us.
4) turn-around marker- The spot Brett managed to mark after I had already passed that spot and gone too far. I should be happy- extra hill means extra training, means extra fitness?
5) The nearest place to get water- I think I sweat out about a liter a minute here, so am constantly looking for places to buy drinks. And watermelons- but those are a bit trickier to consume while running. :-) But I just might try sooner or later.

What happened to Monday?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Heading from Toronto to Krabi is a lengthy trip. I left on a Sunday, and got there on a Tuesday, not sure what happened to Monday. I will probably find it when I go back to Canada. Along the way

1) 13 hours from Toronto to Narita

2) watched 4 full movies, 1/3 of a boring movie and 1/5 of a movie I had seen before

3) started and finished reading my book- 304 pages

4) spent some time in the United lounge in Narita, where only 2% of the people were not on a computer.

5) spent $8 on dental floss- had something very painful stuck in between my teeth, after 3 hours and a headache finally found some dental floss. Mental note- next time have mine in my carry on.

6) was the 2nd athlete to arrive in Krabi- the Wongstar was the 1st.