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Challenge Roth

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

I have been a bit unsure what to say in my race report, because truthfully I am still not sure how I feel about my race. So it has taken me even longer than usual to put my thoughts into words.
Roth is one of those races I have heard amazing things about for years. And perhaps just like a movie you hear rave reviews about for far too long, I had certain pre-conceived ideas about the course, and about how my race could turn out. I was picturing smooth roads that basically were conveyor belts and did all the work for you. I imagined spectators whose cheering would feel like the wind at your back throughout the run. And dreamed about a swim course that flows as quickly as the beer in the beergardens, carrying everyone along without having to fight for every stroke and breath in the water. Well, although Roth may be a faster course, with an uplifting atmosphere, it still is an ironman, and hence a long, painful day.
Trying to work the "pain face" into a smiley face

A “dodgy knee” as Stephen would say, had made the two and a half weeks heading into this race a bit more of a challenge than usual. I have been very fortunate that the past 2 years I have had no injury setbacks. After spending the first 3 years of my triathlon life unable to run, more often than able to run, I am still grateful for each week, month and year that I can do any workout I wish without having to manage an injury. So when a few weeks ago I had to start cutting workouts short, and then changing and substituting workouts altogether because of a pain in the knee, it became a pain in my butt very quickly. This then became a pain in the head as I started to think far too much about the upcoming race, and just how likely it would be that I could or could not finish it without my knee calling it quits.
Well, we all know it has a happy ending, as I did finish in Roth, and managed to run my way up a spot to a third place. But I still have some mixed feelings about the race. The swim was ok, but my time was definitely a couple of minutes off how I am training, due to lack of aggression in the first 10 minutes. During the bike I lost the plot for quite a while, my mind and drive wandering a bit too much. And the run, well, crazily enough was the most solid part of my race, partly thanks to the wise words of Doc who appeared on the side lines of the run course with this gem ” If your leg falls off, don’t worry, I will pick it up, cause you are not dropping out of this race”.
I am very happy I had a chance to race at Roth, and finish, and run up to a podium spot. And when I think about the kind of ironman race I could put together a couple of years ago, versus the kind of race I can tough out now I am very happy to see that I am moving in the right direction.

When Pigs fly

Friday, July 9th, 2010

The other day as I was leaving the pool I had to double check that the sky was not full of pigs that had sprouted wings suddenly and started flying. But no pigs, just the usual paragliders, which seems crazy enough to me. On most sunny days you can see the colourful parachutes as they swoop down from the mountain top, and land in the field just at the edge of the village. I am always impressed by their ability to steer, and find the perfect landing place, I am pretty sure I would be landing on somebody’s roof, or tangled in a tree.

But back to those flying pigs. Well, that saying …. when pigs fly….. has happened. When I started training with this crazy team it seemed all we did was swim with paddles in the pool. And the paddles, pull bouy and I were not friends. Every time we had to pull rather than swim I ended up at the back of the lane, missing pace times, getting lapped, cursing my lack of pulling ability. Why pull when you can swim, it is so much easier and faster I thought. I could not believe that I would ever choose pull over swimming, or be remotely as fast at it as when I swim. Well, the other day, part way through a swim workout I was having a rough day, just hanging on for dear life to make the pace times, and not succeeding. “Put on paddles and pull it” said the boss on deck, and miracle of miracles, I did not go slower, it was not more painful, it was not a punishment. I was actually happy to slap around with my paddles and pull buoy. Maybe a miracle, or maybe a year of swimming with paddles, and never saying never. But if a pig flies by I will know why.

Thanks to wikipedia in case some of you are not familiar with that saying
A flying pig is an adynaton, that is a figure of speech in the form of hyperbole taken to such extreme lengths as to suggest a complete impossibility. Thus the popular saying that something will happen “when pigs fly” or “when pigs have wings” means that the thing is an impossibility.

Things I learned ( or relearned) this week

Thursday, July 1st, 2010


1) A cell phone with no credit is useless when trying to call someone.

2) Watching team mates crash is not as fun as watching Wipe-Out on TV

3) It can rain even while sunny, with not a cloud in the sky. I found out a few times, always while biking it seems.

4) Getting caught in the rain on your bike does not count as cleaning the bike. Actually, it just makes the bike even dirtier.

5) Learning to spell your name in French is actually useful.

6) Going shopping while hungry might not be good, but going shopping while tired is even worse. Stood in front of the butter for 5 minutes, before I realized I needed bananas instead. Bought a bunch of other stuff, still forgot the bananas.

7) Walking up stairs is hard, very hard. I don’t think I will be signing up for the CN tower stair climb anytime soon.