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Time flies it seems, and so do I, although sometimes with more delays, and missed flights then I would like.
After Embrun I returned back to Leysin, and things unfolded something like this

1) DId some training, and a lot of recovering.
2) My sister came to visit- along with 2 friends, and a cute but smelly dog. It was a cozy weekend in the apartment, the sofa bed, and futon finally got used.

Smelly dog is very fond of swimming, and sticks.

3) We checked out the Fairy Festival in Leysin. Who knew a quiet, little village in the Swiss mountains harbored so many party animals. I was a good little athlete and was in bed by midnight, my sis was a good little party girl and made it back by 5 am.
4) Tried out cheese fondue, at a restaurant this time. It went much better than when we tried to make fondue ourselves last year. I must admit though, I am still not a huge fan of it. Chocolate fondue on the other hand is pretty much a winner every time.

5) Then it was time for trains ( 4 hour train ride to Zurich) Planes ( Zurich to Toronto, 3 hour delay in Toronto, then flight to Vancouver). Hotels ( 5 hours in hotel in Vancouver after missed connection), More planes ( Vancouver to Penticton), automobiles- taxi ride to hotel. Whew, I lost a couple of days in there somewhere.

View of the swim course from my hotel room. Wow, never stayed this close to the race start.

Now I am in Pentitcon, for IM Canada. Lots of good vibes, and good memories, as last year I had a great, and smooth race here and finished first. My mom, and brother and Chris are all here as well, which almost completes a perfect weekend. Finishing the race tomorrow, hopefully with a smile should complete it. I was a bit nervous, returning to an ironman as previous winner, for the first time. Even a bigger surprise was that I got the race number 1, which usually goes the top male athlete, and the women get the higher numbers. I was surprised that this year it is the ladies with the low numbers. It made me even more nervous till my brother helped me out, it’s not #1, which might be pressure to live up to ( I have never had a single digit number at an ironman), but instead it is 01, no pressure. :-)

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