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October Octastich

Friday, October 29th, 2010

First there was a little race in Kona, called the Big Show, which this time around was not so smooth, not so fun, and not so fast.

Then there was the first ever Macel vacation.

It included some water sports, surfing, snorkeling, handstand pool walking and synchronized swimming.

The best sushi, ever, ever, ever, was discovered in Kona, and now spoils any future sushi outings.

There was some serious card playing, and of course the only reason to own an ipad- angry birds.

Then a trip home, and my plan to not have a plan for a few days.

Not having a plan was not so easy.

And now October seems to be pretty much over.

Time zones?

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Yesterday’s conversation with Chris

C- Hi
T- Hi, where are you? Work or at home?
C- Work.
T- Oh, what time is it there?
C- It’s 3:30
T- Hmm, really. Tuesday or Wednesday?
C- Didn’t we go through this yesterday when you got to Toronto from Switzerland.
T- Yeah, I think so. So what day again?
C- Saturday.
T- Ok, fine if you are going to be a smartass about it.

Ok, so I am still time zone challenged. I travelled for more than 24 hours, changed way too many time zones, and am lucky I know when to wake up and when to go to sleep. I can’t also keep track of what time it is for everyone else half way around the world as well.