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Time zones? « Tereza Macel's Blog


Time zones?

Yesterday’s conversation with Chris

C- Hi
T- Hi, where are you? Work or at home?
C- Work.
T- Oh, what time is it there?
C- It’s 3:30
T- Hmm, really. Tuesday or Wednesday?
C- Didn’t we go through this yesterday when you got to Toronto from Switzerland.
T- Yeah, I think so. So what day again?
C- Saturday.
T- Ok, fine if you are going to be a smartass about it.

Ok, so I am still time zone challenged. I travelled for more than 24 hours, changed way too many time zones, and am lucky I know when to wake up and when to go to sleep. I can’t also keep track of what time it is for everyone else half way around the world as well.

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