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Yes, it was said…..

Friday, November 26th, 2010

I have been in Toronto now for a while. It is nice to not be living out of a suitcase, or packing one again right away. Actually after returning from Hawaii I just dumped my suitcase in the basement, and it took me about 2 weeks to actually unpack it. I would not be needing my summer clothes for a while, since here autumn had arrived, and if anything I was already pulling out my winter gear, since I was cold all the time.
The first week at home was surreal, I was all out of the daily groove of going to a training session, seeing all my teammates, and of course hearing Doc’s daily wisdom. So now I am missing it, and it got me to thinking about some of the sayings that have stuck in my mind from this past year. Not all of it was Doc, some of it just random, but stuck in my little brain none the less. So in no particular order……

A) You swam like a pork chop!
Doc to Jodie Swallow, in Leysin, after a less then stellar swim the previous weekend at a race. Now, I must admit this one caught me off guard a bit, never quite knew pork chops could swim.
Jodie has now elevated pork chop swimming to an entirely new level- first out of the water at World 70.3 Champs, and first across the line. Hope I can aspire to pork chop swimming one day.

B) Keep out of the fridge

Doc to me pretty much all the time. The funny thing is as Nicola pointed out- I just picture myself sitting inside the fridge at every spare moment. Why hang out on the couch, when there is a perfectly nice fridge on hand.

C) Can I wipe my extra mustard on your hotdog?

Guess who- post Embrun triathlon- someone got carried away with spicey mustard.
European post race food is quite different than North American post race pizza and watermelon. Sausage, coffee, and fries were on order in France. About an hour after the race, once my sugar overloaded stomach settled down we were all keen for anything salty, or greasy, or both. Of course James was the only one smart enough to have money on hand, so treated Scotty, Brandon and me to some treats. I am a mustard lover, known to make sandwiches with the only ingredient being mustard, but did not realize just how spicey French mustard could be. Hence the quote. Of course it takes a couple of boys to make an innocent comment sound x-rated.

D) These girls really know what they are doing.

Commentator on Women’s Weight Lifting Champs on Euro sport. A pretty dumb comment. But when Eurosport is the only thing on tv in English I will watch almost anything. And actually weight lifting was very cool- I love that you can often see the actual breaking point. Interesting also how the commentators where speculating on the lifts as the athletes walked on stage- “she is walking with confidence and purpose- this should be an easy lift….”

And of course there is always the possibility of disaster, which adds some excitement to a sport. There is a reason why bike, car and human crashes get replayed, and replayed. Yes, we are all a bit malicious deep down.

E) Screw your head on.

Doc- pretty much anytime I do something dumb. Yes, that does happen occasionally.

F) Get your head out of your A**

Doc- a little more firm way of saying E). Also used often.