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Winter knits

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Yes, it is a cold, snowy winter in Toronto. Well, not that much snow just yet, but I am sure it is on its way. I sometimes get ideas in my head, and then just can’t seem to let them go. So recently I decided I would start knitting up some cozy and warm items, using the winter weather as an excuse.

I had knit a few things before, but never actually finished something. This time I would start, and finish a project, I vowed. Ok, so maybe I didn’t actually know how to knit, but I could learn. Well, when I get an idea in my head sometimes I go a bit overboard. So I started knitting every spare minute of the day. And just like when you are in the middle of a good book you can’t put down without reading another page, I couldn’t stop until I finished just another row. Now, knitting may seem like a pretty easy hobby. Wrong!!! First, it drained my brain power, as I spent hours trying to figure out blurry photos in books, and then hours watching you tube videos of stitches. There seem to be seven ways to do each little thing it seemed. And since I hold my fork funny, my chop stick even more oddly, it is no surprise that I hold knitting needles even more strangely. And yes, there are a million you tube videos of just knitting, who knew. Crazy.
Once I got some technique, I then went overboard on volume. Yup, no stopping me, I had gifts to make for Christmas, and a deadline, and overestimated how many hours are in a day. Gradually my right shoulder started to get stiff, then sore, then painful. Hmm… too much swimming? Nope. Too much snow shoveling..not enough snow yet, so nope. Too much knitting? Yikes, I have given myself my first knitting injury. But I pushed through, I could not be stopped. I would rest my arm on a pillow while knitting, massage the shoulder, then go back to knitting some more. I would get stronger from this. This was like a new strength training method.

And it seemed the cure for knitters shoulder was more knitting. Good things, since there was no moving Christmas day to a later date. So now the gifts are made, and I am already starting a list of bigger, and more strenuous projects. Now hope I am strong enough to get them done.