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January wedding « Tereza Macel's Blog


January wedding

Yes, it is January 2011. And yes, there is a wedding on my calendar this month. My little sis, Barbara is getting married.
Barb was nice enough to come and visit me in Leysin this summer. She brought along a couple of friends, including a rather smelly, shaggy dog, and her boyfriend- now fiancee. While there they went mushroom picking, hiking, and of course partying. Now a village like Leysin may not be the party central, but somehow during the Fairy festival last summer it turns into one. We all went to check out the festival, and at midnight the smelly dog and I were too tired, and went back to the apartment. But my sis and her boy didn’t make it back till 5 am. So, considering how she can party in a village of 85 people ( ok,maybe a few more), I am a little concerned what she will do in Prague, at her post wedding party. I hope I make it back to the airport and the plane to Toronto in time.
Since there are no wedding pictures just yet, it did make me reminisce about my own wedding. Now for those who know me as rather sane and conservative- here is the wedding picture, from Vegas. Nuff said.

You can't see it in this picture- but there were white go-go boots involved.

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