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Difference between addiction and hobby? « Tereza Macel's Blog


Difference between addiction and hobby?

TV is a bit too much of a distraction for me. While abroad I miss English tv at first, and then quickly get used to having time to do more productive and enlightening things. But while at home, I often find myself watching shows I had no intention of sitting through.

Recently, I saw an episode of a show called “My strange addiction” or maybe it was called “My Secret Addiction”, or something along those line. It was very disturbing. Not because of the girl who eats chalk, or compulsive shopper who is $100 000 in debt because she spends 5 days a week at the mall. Or the girl who eats toilet paper till she gets ill. But because amongst these odd stories they included someone so insane, someone so odd even his girlfriend can’t understand or put up with it. He runs. Yup, he runs. Sometimes twice a day. Crazy. He runs marathons, and even did his first ultramarathon. Now, this caught me by surprise a bit. I consider ultra-marathons only slightly more nutty than Ironman, but not that much. And I was always aware that it is a bit past the “get 30 minutes or exercise” kind lifestyle guideline. But really, I might as well be eating laundry detergent?

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