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Hulk Invades Europe.

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Today, I raced in my 1st ever European race here in Switzerland. I was lucky to get a ride from Erica as she was also racing in this event. We left Leysin at about 4am, as the drive to the race site would take about 2hrs and the race would start at 8am. We reached race site with enough time to spare. I registered myself and started to prepare myself for the race.

The start of the swim was very rough. I managed to get out of the main “battering area” pretty quickly. I positioned myself to the far left of the main pack. We emerged from the water as a pack of about 10 guys. I quickly removed my awesome Blueseventy wetsuit (which kept me super warm and made me go fast) and ran to the transition. It was quite a far run from the water to the transition so I had enough time to get my Blueseventy wetsuit down to my hips.

I entered the transition and quickly ran to my speed machine, my Cervelo P2. Unfortunately it took me a little longer than I hoped to remove my wetsuit and by the time I mounted the bike, the pack was a little ahead of me already. I gave chase, and within a few kilometres, I managed to attach myself to the main pack. It was nice bike course with a little of everything. Some rolling hills, long flats, downhills and some technical turns. I came off the bike and slipped on my flashy Avi-Bolts 2, and ran off.

The run was a 2 lap 2.5km course. I gave it my all in the run. As I made the final U-turn, I looked at the guys ahead of me to see if there was anyone in my age group. I didn’t see anyone in my age group and I ran super hard the last 1km.As I crossed the finish line, I looked down to take out my timing chip but, it wasn’t there!!! It must have come off at the swim as there was a point where there was a guy who kept pulling my leg. It was the same leg my chip was on so it must have been that. I tried to talk to the organisers but they said,”Im sorry, we can’t do anything.” I was pretty disappointed as I didn’t get a rewarded. My name was not even on the results.

Oh well, sometimes unlucky things happen. The only thing you can do is to take the good points out of it. My good points were, I felt very strong throughout the race (something which i have never felt before!), I enjoyed myself during the race as it was a nice course, it was really well organised and it was my first European race.

Travis aka HULK

I Hate Low WIFI Signals.

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

When your away from home, the best way to have a chat with your family and loved ones is through the internet. Its free and you can actually have a conversation with someone as if he or she is just infront of you.

But this only works with good WIFI signals. Where i live here in leysin, there is a mysterious wifi signal that comes on and off. Sometimes the signals low and sometimes is high.I’ve tried to locate where the signal comes from but i cant seem to find it.

Usually after the last training session of the day, i usually go back home,have a shower,get something to eat than talk to my family back home in Singapore on either skype or msn. It can be very frustrating sometimes when after you had a hard day , you come back home and there isn’t any wifi signal or there is a WIFI signal but its too low to have a conversation with. I than have to walk with my laptop, around the area and look for a signal i can use to have a conversation with my family and friends. I often get stares from the locals. Stares like, “what the hell are you doing with your laptop?”
There was one gentlemen who asked me if i was alright……

Dam i hate low wifi signals!

Travis aka HULK

My Journey Continues: Training In Leysin Switzerland

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I am now in Leysin, Switerland for 2 months with my team TBB teammates for the teams high altitude training camp.
Leysin is a picture postcard mountain village situated at an altitude of 1200+m and its the base for our training.
Here are some pictures of Leysin








Training here has been really awesome.
Swim sessions are done at the nearby pool here in Leysin. Its a 5min walk from where I live.
The hills here are long,steep and HARD. Where I come from, there isnt any hills.There may be a few “bumps” but nothing compared to the climb from Aigle to Leysin. Its a very scenic climb. Sometimes its hard to keep your eyes on the narrow road when there are huge mountains on either side of you. Its really cool.
We do track sessions down in Aigle, which is all the way down the hill. After a punishing track session, I make the usually stop at the nearby Macdonalds for some food. Than after topping up my bottles at one of the many water fountains(which has fresh cold water), I make the climb up. Its a good 1 hour climb back up.

Being here in Leysin is a wonderful experience for me and I will never forget it.

Travis aka HULK