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I Hate Low WIFI Signals. « Travis Woodford's Blog


I Hate Low WIFI Signals.

When your away from home, the best way to have a chat with your family and loved ones is through the internet. Its free and you can actually have a conversation with someone as if he or she is just infront of you.

But this only works with good WIFI signals. Where i live here in leysin, there is a mysterious wifi signal that comes on and off. Sometimes the signals low and sometimes is high.I’ve tried to locate where the signal comes from but i cant seem to find it.

Usually after the last training session of the day, i usually go back home,have a shower,get something to eat than talk to my family back home in Singapore on either skype or msn. It can be very frustrating sometimes when after you had a hard day , you come back home and there isn’t any wifi signal or there is a WIFI signal but its too low to have a conversation with. I than have to walk with my laptop, around the area and look for a signal i can use to have a conversation with my family and friends. I often get stares from the locals. Stares like, “what the hell are you doing with your laptop?”
There was one gentlemen who asked me if i was alright……

Dam i hate low wifi signals!

Travis aka HULK

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