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The Race Of Truth

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Cyclone Race Series

I competed in an Individual Time Trial this Sunday back home in Singapore . It was a 24km time trial and I thought it would be a good test to see how much I had improved.
I got to the race site early to do a proper warm up. Armed with my Cervelo P2, I lined up and waited for my turn to start. As usual, there were guys fully decked out in time trial gear (…disc wheels, aero helmet etc) that didn’t deter me as i knew i was strong enough after all those rides up the hill in Leysin!

Time Trial Start

Soon enough, the time came for me to start. After a great start I got into a really good rhythm and just crunched the gears. I was pretty surprised as my body was much stronger than I thought it would be.

Time Trial 2

I gave it my all and finished in a good time.


Immediately after the race I got off the bike, slipped on my Avi-Bolts and ran off for a hard run. It was funny to see the reaction of the spectators and competitors at the race site as I ran past them. They stared at me with a puzzled look…I heard someone say, ”didn’t that boy just finish his race??” HAHAHA! Anyway I carried on and did a good run.

I came back to race site about an hour later to check the results but, it wasn’t out yet. I was told it would be posted on the web within that day. I came back home and regularly checked the race website, anxious to see what official time I had done and what position I came in.
Finally after much patient (or not so patient…) waiting, the results were out. I came in 1st in my category and 2nd overall for the distance. It was a great training day for me.

I will have an important race this Saturday. It’s definitely gonna be an interesting race, especially when the HULK’s standing at the start line!


Oh and i forgot to mention, I think this small upgrade to my bike gave me that extra “edge” during the race(check out the seat post!)

Travis aka HULK!