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It’s Racing On 2 Wheels This Weekend In Singapore « Travis Woodford's Blog


It’s Racing On 2 Wheels This Weekend In Singapore

Last weekend Singapore hosted the F1 night street race. Those of you who caught the race were I am sure impressed by the roar of the race cars racing along what must be one of the most spectacular race on the F1 circuit.

This weekend Singapore is hosting another race spectacle that will see the best road cyclists taking to the singapore streets riding the very best road bikes that money can buy. They too will be whizzing by in breath neck speeds in colourful race attire.

How could I give this race a miss, I wanted to take part in last weeks race with my buddy Felipe but both our 4 wheelers were caught in transition so we had to enjoy the entertainment as mere spectators, but this Sunday, I will be racing in the Singapore National Cycling Road Championship.

This race returns after a three year break with a new and interesting race route. The race course has a good mix of climbs, cross winds, exposure, technical turns and rough roads.

I will stand proud at the starting line as I will be representing TBB in the junior category and I will be up against some talented pure cyclists from Singapore

Most of the competitors in my category even though they are junior riders will be riding the latest road bikes the most expensive that their mommies and daddies can buy for them

For me, my weapon of choice for this road race is The Cervelo P2!!!! Yes i know what you all must all be thinking.”what a P2 for a road race?” well with some slight adjustments to the set up of the bike, this P2 is now road race ready!


I am confident that the bike will perform well.

By using the P2 I want to show the versatility of this bike.

While working in the Bike Boutique Singapore, i see many people who come in interested to buy a bike that is versatile, something that is fast, comfortable, stiff and that looks good. Well thats the characteristics of the P2. I know that they will be many spectators watching and this is the ideal situation to show them the P2’s versatility.

So I look forward to a good race, a versatile bike ridden by a fairly good rider = ???? You have to tune in to my race report blog to find out how I fared…..

Travis aka HULK

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