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The Race Report


The day of the race I was up at 4:30am to begin my race preparation. I did a 45 minute turbo workout to get my sleepy body into shape and had a bit of breakfast before setting out to the race venue.

We arrived at the start/finish point with the sun still not showing its face, the riders taking part in the junior and men’s sports were arriving as our race was to begin at 6:30am.


I lined up proud in my Team TBB jersey and P2 alongside 18 of Singapore’s top junior cyclist and another 40 or so adults who were taking part in the men’s sports category. The organisers arranged that the 1st lap of the 9 lap race be a rolling start and we began the serious business in the 2nd lap. Even though the 1st lap was suppose to be an orientation to the course the testosterone levels of the riders were high and they started to speed up , when the red flag was shown to officially start the race the riders sped off faster than the F1 cars that graced Singapore 1 week earlier.


Riding on the viaduct race course proved to be very challenging, the straights were fast and you had to contend with crosswinds the U turn point was very tight and when you are negotiating it at high speed with 50+ riders it became a question of how skilful a rider you are as everyone was crowding into a very small space. Once you negotiated the U turn you had to contend with the climbs which proved very challenging as you had very little road to build up speed to tackle the incline. So we did this course lap after lap and I managed to always stay in the front pack. During the first few laps the riders were seizing the other riders up, deciding who to mark. They did not consider a lone rider like me as a threat worse still I was riding a TT bike against their state of the art road machines. But once I started launching a few attacks then the riders started taking the rider from Team TBB seriously. I enjoyed the chess game that ensued throughout the race. Every lap saw causalities, in fact, there were 2 crashes that occurred right in front of me. I was lucky enough to find my way round these fallen riders and carry on with the race. I was enjoying pushing myself seeing how much I could get out of my P2. The bike performed well but a TT bike is not a road bike and that became very evident as the riders whizzed past me even though I was giving it my all.



On the final lap the riders who survived were all seizing each other as to who would make the break, after we negotiated the final U turn I took my chance and went for it with everything I had. The other riders were taken aback and were slow to respond. I kept up with the front pack to the final stretch but i couldn’t match the pure sprinting power of a pure roadie. I eventually came in a very credible 4th position out of 19 in the junior category. Overall I came in the top 10 position.

It was a very rewarding morning for me, I did myself and Team TBB proud. I rode with what I had and gave it my all.

In conclusion the P2 is a fantastic versatile bike to ride but it is not a road bike….. just imagine if I had ridden one what what the result then be…..

Travis aka HULK

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