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“Its exam fever time in Singapore” « Travis Woodford's Blog


“Its exam fever time in Singapore”

All over Singapore you see the school students doing exam preparations, classrooms are open at night in schools to allow students to have a conducive place to revise, fast food outlets are populated with students all armed with their texbooks, notes and laptops, our airport terminals are also not spared as singapore students like to go there to to do their cramming.
The students are all preparing to take their end of the year exams which will take place in october and november.

Although I have taken a years off school, its no different for me. Infact my “exams” started last weekend with my participation in the Singapore National Road Cycling Championships and this will be followed up with ITU races starting with the Palembing ITU Asian Cup in Indonesia this weekend . I return only to leave again and as I’m off to Hongkong the following week to race at the Hongkong Premium Asian Cup on the weekend of the 17/18 October .

The students in school they will be assessed not only in the individual subjects they take but also how they overall fare, so too for me. My subject combination is Swim,cycling and running and the exam is the sprint triathlon.

The only good thing about not being in school is that I do not have to be in a stuffy classroom, my classroom is the swim pool, run track and the beautiful outdoors, but the pressure to perform is the same, the competition atmosphere is the same although the environment may be different

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