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A Picture Of Pain « Travis Woodford's Blog


A Picture Of Pain

No gain without pain” is the exercise dogma adopted by most top level triathletes in training and in competitions.
I have experienced pain, when i went to Subic bay to meet the Boss for the 1st time in Mar 2008 he put me thru some “tests” like the army recruits have to do to get thru their training. The last test was the worst, a turbo bike session that left me for dead. When I returned again to Subic in Nov, I experienced pain at a new level, working out 3 sessions every day left my legs dead so much so I had difficulty crossing the road to the Grand Seasons after a session on the track. In my trip to Subic early this year it was the interval track sessions that left most of my teammates and me writhing in pain. When I went to leysin it was cycling up that dreaded mountain that caused much pain.

So yes I am used to pain and pain is used to me, but not giving in to pain is another matter.
At the recent race I did in Palembang Indonesia during the run leg my left thigh started to harden and to really cramp up, it got worse as I continued the run. In my head I had to deal with the decision to give up or continue and ‘”HTFU!!!”.
At this point, the thighs of the “HULK” emerged and i found another gear.


Did I give into the pain… no way! no TEAM TBB athlete would do so, and neither would I, I continued and in the last 1km of the run found that I was going even faster.
I would not have achieved this had I given in to the pain…. “The gain was achieved with much pain

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