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Dealing With Disappointments « Travis Woodford's Blog


Dealing With Disappointments


One thing athletes have to learn is to deal with disappointments.
Recently my fellow Team TBB team mates had to deal with it at Kona, and I had to deal with it at my race last weekend in HongKong, Disneyland.


The race started out well, I was in the 1st pack of the swim and felt good, after the U turn I felt the pace getting faster so decided it was best to hook-up with the 2nd pack. We were only 25m away from the 1st pack and approaching the finish when the canoeists who were acting as marshals stopped us and said we had not negotiated the u-turn around the buoy properly( which was bullshit),and ordered us to redo the u-turn around the buoy,what felt like another 300m. The canoeists did not order the 1st pack to redo the u- turn, so when the pack i was in exited the water ,the 1st pack had already started the bike leg.


(the swim course. the the u-turn buoy point is just round the bend)

I wasn’t deterred, the run to the transition was about 400m and I went off at full speed I reached the transition first and sped off to catch the 1st pack.

During the bike leg , I tried to push the pace to catch up with the 1st pack but they were too far ahead. I entered T2 first and took off on the run. Unlike the previous races, I felt real good and gave the run my all. The results reflected that I recorded a 17+ min for the 5 km run, it was the fastest time I have done all year.
When the race was over, the athletes affected by the redo of the swim and I lodged an official complaint. However all the organisers said they would do was to add a 3min penalty to the time of the top 3.This didnt change any of the positions.
Was I upset with this decision, sure I was, I was robbed of a possible podium finish

When the official results were published three days after the race all the race organisers did was to add a miserable 30sec penalty time to the top 3 finishers…. what a bummer.

What have I learnt from all this??
I have learnt that as an athlete I have to deal with disappointments like this and I know by doing so I will get stronger mentally, as you can only control what you have control of, no point bitching about what should have been….
The best I can do is to get on with it, train harder and prepare for my next race as there will always be another race to look forward to and boy am I looking forward to that one.

Btw,here’s a picture i took of my buddy with best friend…..

Travis aka HULK

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