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My Journey Continues: Training In Leysin Switzerland

June 3rd, 2009 by traviswoodford

I am now in Leysin, Switerland for 2 months with my team TBB teammates for the teams high altitude training camp.
Leysin is a picture postcard mountain village situated at an altitude of 1200+m and its the base for our training.
Here are some pictures of Leysin








Training here has been really awesome.
Swim sessions are done at the nearby pool here in Leysin. Its a 5min walk from where I live.
The hills here are long,steep and HARD. Where I come from, there isnt any hills.There may be a few “bumps” but nothing compared to the climb from Aigle to Leysin. Its a very scenic climb. Sometimes its hard to keep your eyes on the narrow road when there are huge mountains on either side of you. Its really cool.
We do track sessions down in Aigle, which is all the way down the hill. After a punishing track session, I make the usually stop at the nearby Macdonalds for some food. Than after topping up my bottles at one of the many water fountains(which has fresh cold water), I make the climb up. Its a good 1 hour climb back up.

Being here in Leysin is a wonderful experience for me and I will never forget it.

Travis aka HULK

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A Case of Punching Above my Weight

April 26th, 2009 by traviswoodford

Todays Duathlon race was no different for me. I competed with 300 athletes all of them were at least 2 years older because the minimum age requirement was 18. The Race Director allowed me to race due to my extensive racing in multi-sports.


To me I have always enjoyed competing with older participants ever since I started racing competitvely in triathlon at the young age of 11.

The duathlon race distance of a 5km run followed by a 40km bike and another 5km run was challenging for me as this is the 1st time I had raced at this distance.
(im in the team tbb trisuit in the center of this picture)


I had a very good start in the 1st run leg leading the pack and keeping a good pace. We entered into transition and I emerged with the leaders.

Got on my bike with my head down and just pushed all the way on my favourite gearing, 53/12!.


I started the 2nd run in a good position but just didnt have enough to overtake the 3 in front of me.

So I finished in 4th position in this open category.

I am very proud of the work I did today as I punched above my weight and put the “Hulk” in the face of my competitors. there is still a long way to go but i know with proper training and patience, it will come.

P.S Didnt win the shoes though, they only gave prizes to the winner. So looks like I have to get abit more mileage from my current one’s. :(

Travis aka HULK

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First Sprint Race Of The Year

April 19th, 2009 by traviswoodford

While all my fellow Team TBB athletes race in the longer distance triathlon events the 70.3 and Ironman, I race in sprint distance events. Most may think that because the sprint triathlon is only a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5 km run its a breeze to race and you dont even need to prepare for one..
How wrong you are

Racing in sprint distance events is all about yourself and how fast you are, in the swim in the bike and in the run, you must be a monster in all the disciplines to excell.

This weekend I took part in my first competitive sprint race of the year.
I lined up at the swim start as the youngest competitor and around me I was surrounded by super big guys all waiting to swallow me up.


But I perservered and came out of the swim in the lead pack

I got on my bike and started the bike leg. Halfway thru the bike I had a mechanical……. I quickly dismounted rectified the mechanical problem and gave the rest of the bike leg my all.


I started the run really dead in the legs from all that pushing on the bike trying to make up for the lost time due to the mechanical.


My efforts were good enough to secure a podium position, 2nd in my age category, Under 20.

At the prize presentation I was all smiles. I got a much welcome bike helmet for coming in 2nd. I was in need of one after incurring a crash during one of the bike training sessions in Subic, best of all the helmet colours matched my P2 Cervelo bike.


I am now looking forward to racing next weekend in a duathlon race where the prize is a pair of triathlon riding shoes. With the air conditioning I have on my current ones due to holes created to the excessive wear I have put them thru, the new pair will come in just nice :)

Travis aka HULK

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

April 15th, 2009 by traviswoodford

Since returning I have resumed my training at various locations in sunny super clean Singapore. I thought it would be good to capture my training on film.


I do my swim training in a what is close to a 25m pool. This is the only pool in Singapore that allows me to use the hand paddles unsupervised. Check it out I am the only one in the pool, sure do miss all the waves created at the binictican pool by the other TBB athletes.


One of the venues where I do my bike sessions is not far from the pool. A good stretch of flat road to practice that runs parallel to our airport. We do get some headwind and crosswinds but they are nothing compared to what you get cycling at the airport at subic. This picture was taken on sunday so not much traffic but lots of cyling traffic. Looks like lots of Singaporeans have embraced the sport now that surely spells good news for The Bike Boutique.


I do my track running at a sports complex not far from where I live. Its where my school track & field team also do their training. The track is empty now as this picture was taken at 9am very hot and very humid and only the real serious or the crazies dare venture on the track.

And after a tough day of training I treat myself to some good wholesome and nourishing food, rice with fish and eggs and some cucumber (this is a local dish called “Nasi Lemak”) all washed down with some fresh sugarcane juice.

Travis aka HULK

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A Brazilian Dude Named Felipe.

April 11th, 2009 by traviswoodford

During my stay in Subic Bay, I made new friends. One of them was my roommate, Felipe. He is from Brazil and is 17 years old. I remember when I first met him. The first thing he said to me after he introduced himself was “this country very hot!”hahaha

He could speak English quite well than but he just mixed up a few words here and there. He kept to himself for the few days because i think he wasn’t confident with his English. But after a week or so he was speaking very good English. He was a really good roommate. We got along really well. We share the same interest such as the types of music. So there always would be nirvana songs being played in our apartment.

It was great.

He is also a very good athlete. I have definitely learnt a lot from him. For example, his training mentality. He is going to GIVE IT to you no matter who you are, how old you are or how good you are. That’s why he is good. He trains bloody hard. Even during our off days, he goes and does an easy run or an easy bike. He is a real athlete.

He is a real nice guy too. I remember one day after the killer 800m track session,I came back home and just laid on the floor. I wasn’t feeling too good. Felipe was so concern. He was like”Man your face is pale. Take some of my COKE!”. I drank the coke and boy did that work. Felt much better after that. So from that day on we always had a bottle of coke in our mini fridge for Emergency cases.

My last few days in Subic were great. We shared our stories and had our laughs . I hope I can room with Felipe again when I go to Leysin !

Travis aka HULK

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A Great Experience

March 31st, 2009 by traviswoodford

I’ve finally come to the end of my stay here in subic bay. Its been exactly 8 weeks since I left home and it has been my longest trip away thus far. My stay at Subic Bay hasn’t always been smooth, I’ve learnt the hard way how to juggle a full training load with daily work and seeing to my meals, laundry etc.

I’ve had a few painful experiences here but nothing too hard that I could not handle. I am now better prepared to take care of myself. I belive I have matured much as a person and as an athlete.

Its been an amazing start to my journey and I await the future with bated breath…..

Travis aka HULK

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Halfway There.

March 10th, 2009 by traviswoodford

It’s been four weeks since I left home and I have already learnt so much about triathlon. These four weeks has opened my eyes to what triathlon REALLY is about, not what people THINK it’s about. I’ve learnt what PROPER training is, and what isn’t. I see how REAL pro triathletes train and live.
Apart from triathlon I’ve learnt alot in the bike shop working as an apprentice mechanic. I now can do quite a few things properly thanks to the help of Azmil the mechanic here in TBB Subic bay. I’ve also learnt to do some simple cooking and to handle my own accounts(something I have never done before) It hasn’t been easy .And I know it’s going to get much harder, but this is a life of a pro athlete. Or in my case, a life of a development athlete :)

Travis aka HULK

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Its not just a bike, its a LEAN MEAN SPEED MACHINE!

February 26th, 2009 by traviswoodford

What comes to mind when the term “lean mean speed machine”is mentioned? ferrari cars, ducati motorbikes, f16 fighter jets and the list goes on and on. when it comes to bikes its Cervelo’s. It has all the characteristics of a lean mean speed machine.An Aerodynamic design,a stiff frame , light weight and when you look at Cervelo’s it just makes you say “Dam! i wish i could own that bike”.
Thats what makes Cervelos a lean mean speed machine!

This is my awesome CERVELO!

Travis aka HULK!

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Goodbye my friend goodbye……

February 24th, 2009 by traviswoodford

It was about 3 years ago when I traded in my 650cc bike for my 1st 700cc road bike.
I was thrilled to have a chance to own a real good bike for the first time.

In the 2 years we experienced much my bike and me, we rode all over Singapore, changi coastal, ECP, selarang loop,mandai,thomson, lim chu kang, ntu.We even went overseas, desaru,genting highland and putrajaya in malaysia, subic bay philippines, reabold hills,rockingham and mandurah in perth australia. The bike and I have been places and what about the races, from osim singapore to city duathlon to road races to overseas road and triathlon races my bike and me we have experienced much in fact I owe all of my success achieved in road races, duathlon and triathlon races to my trusty friend.It has never let me down always giving me the very best, what more can a rider ask in a bike.

So it is with much sadness that I have to say goobye to my trusted friend as I now have to ride a new bike as part of my contract with Team TBB.What a bike it is to replace my old friend, a brand new 2009 Cervelo P2C. Boy am I going to enjoy taking this baby out and putting it thru its paces.

What happens to old bike it will stay in the family, my younger brother will inherit it and I am sure it will give him the same good service as it has given me.

A bike is more than a piece of equipment to an athlete, you have to develop a relationship with it just like you do with a good friend, you have to know its characteristics in order to get the best out of it and most importantly you and your bike must learn to trust one another, only then will the bike give you the performance you need out of it. Treat it well and it will know what to do.

Goodbye my friend

Travis aka HULK

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February 21st, 2009 by traviswoodford

Being here in Subic Bay has made me realise a lot of things. I have learnt the importance of family. Back in Singapore, my parents, my siblings, my grandmother, my aunties and my uncles care a lot about me.Everynight i would be on skype and msn(sometimes the internet signal isnt as strong as i would like it to be….) talking to my family and updating them on how the day was like .They in turn tell me how things are in Singapore.
I miss and love them a lot……..

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