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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

I always like to see how it looks where someone grew up, or where they put in their training.  I find it interesting to see the terrain, the plants and trees, and how the weather is in that area.  My friend Danny, for example, from New Mexico, has always lived there, and done all his training there.  Its so different from where I have grown up and done my training, but we arrive at the starting lines just the same.

So to prepare many of my Ironman races(including my first 3 and my last 5) I have trained in Monroeville, IN.  The Monroeville area is realllly flat!  Lots of cornfields, and soybean fields.  Everything is mostly layed out in a grid system, so the roads are all straight, 1 mile long roads…the nearest public pool though, is 30 minutes of driving, so I swim in a pond that is about 100 meters long.  I do all my training here alone, peaceful training.  Lots of memories of stupid training, smart training, hard training I have done out here..just like everyone has from their home.

So above are a few pictures of my home roads, and the “swimming pool”…

A new season….

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

….is upon us. Every year it seems at this time that the madness begins. All the getting ready, and preparing for the big events in cities around the U.S. Nerves, anticipation, all of that stuff. And only a chosen few make it through. Then, the competition heats up, more talent is there, with less room for mistake. Everyone brings their A-Games. There can only be one winner, and that winner will be named the next………

……AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


seriously I got involved in this show last year(i’m not proud of it), and I hear it has started again…good thing I will be in Subic Bay, or it could get ugly…unless this show is on the Philipines, then I could have some ugly Thursday and Friday mornings!

Castro for President!!!!

Blogs blogs

Monday, January 12th, 2009

I had written a long blog, with a boring story to it…but who wants to hear that.

I’ll be giving more updates soon, but for now I am just really happy to be a part of the team.

Okay…gotta go train!!