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Sunday, March 29th, 2009

I have seen quite a few fireworks go off in my life. Every year in the U.S., Independence day is celebrated with fireworks going off on the 4th of July all across the country. Growing up we would go with our dad, or grandpa, “across the border”, to Ohio and buy enough out of state fireworks to blow up the car on the way home. We would do our own show at our house, or one of the relatives house. These weren’t on the scale of the ones produced by some of the towns, but they were fun, and someone was always nearly hit with a bottle rocket gone astray or burnt by one of the torches. Later on, as teenagers we would go get our own fireworks, and with helmets and goggles on, we would make teams and fire all sorts of bottle rockets, roman candles, blackcats, and the always potent saturn missles back and forth at one another. Most towns, even small towns like Monroeville (about 1,500 people) have their own shows. Living out in the country you only need to get on your roof, or climb a tree and you can see the fireworks going off in the different surrounding towns. Its always pretty cool to see this, and watch them all go off.

So, last night I went to the Carnival in Olongapo with Manny, Keegan, and Scott. It was the start of their summer festival, and they were going to have fireworks to celebrate it. They had fairly big fireworks going up, and to make it more exciting/dangerous they were being set off about 30 feet away from the huge crowd of people standing around. It went on for about ten minutes as the Top Gun theme, and Van Halen “dreams” was on repeat. As I had my head cocked back staring up at the show/watching for the falling debris, I thought that this was probably the best show I’ve seen, and almost as fun as firing roman candles at my brother :-) Below for your listening enjoyment, the music.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

So the Royal store has been changing before our eyes during our time here in Subic. Everytime I go in there, it seems, the store has moved something around. It seems a little more efficient in there now with the new layout, but it may be that I am just going during less busy times. So on todays visit they had brand new checkout lanes, and had moved them to the far end of the store. It was pretty exciting for me, and the exit is now much easier to negotiate for those of us wanting taxis. One thing that really threw me off today, was that the bird chirpers were not around. Anyways, I really needed the food today, and bought extra candy bars…speaking of which, I think I’ll go have a few more 3 Muskateers and head to bed.

Peace Out

Anoop Dog!

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Anoop, was down and out, but now he is back after a good performance last night on American Idol. I also am rooting for the girl with red hair, and the guy with the high voice who sang ring of fire. I got in about 4 hours running the other day, my leg is not sore, this is good. Today is mostly rest, trying to eat as much food as I can and gain back some weight. I haven’t found a scale here, but I would like to stay up around 155 pounds, I’m sure I am below 148 right now or so some work to do. Its hard work to be fat :-) . Okay, gotta go get some pictures taken at Glamour Shots, over at Olongapo mall.

Anoooooooooooop Dog

-Manny-Blew Up-Got Some Pictures

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Manny has been getting pictures of me, always trashed after training. I haven’t been getting enough of that food, and that means, you get some bonks. Today, I got some more of that food, some pizzas before I left, and some of them hot dogs on the ride, and some of that gatorade, and had a good day of long tempo riding at the airport. I had a feeling, that one day, Manny was gonna blow up, and today, about dark, he, James, and Keegan got back from riding the perimiter of The Philippines or something like that, he was looking bonked out. I got him on the sidewalk waiting for his pizza. muwhahaha PangaTanga