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Good Morning



Now I can’t figure out how to get these words above my picture.   So they’ll have to stay down here.  The  picture is just me eating breakfast.  I’m up early, drinking my coffee to promote a nice bowel movement, reading emails from the Doc, and………..ok, just back from a bathroom break, coffee worked well, the “you know what” is full.   Also notice the fresh scar on my left elbow from my bike accident :-p.

I’ve had some breakdown lately, and now am on a program for my next two races, IRONMAN FLORIDA and the SAVAGEMAN HALF IRONMAN.  

My bike saddle has died, so I got a new saddle coming, with matching bar tape, I’ll put pictures of everything next time, so you can see the beauty of an ’09 Cervelo P2.

I raced a super sprint here in Clermont, two nights ago, it was a 300 “swim” (dive, run/walk through the water), 7 mile bike, 1.5 mile run.  I had done a 3 hr ride early the day, and it helped me come to the race warmed up and ready to go.  I was beaten out of the water by almost everyone in the elite wave (bad water runnig, dolphining skills), and my transiiions and bike mount wernen’t exactly up to par, so I missed getting to ride with my housemates Viktor and Max on the bike.  Since it was a draft legal bike I was not going to catch them, and Viktor is a stronger cyclist than me anyways.  It was good to race again, and be wheezing from the high intensity.  I think it got me outta my depression, and able to train well again.

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