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Racing a 7 year old. « Zach Ruble's Blog


Racing a 7 year old.

So today was another day of record heat in central Florida, and I was out in the middle of it for a longgg  ride with a brick run after. I headed out on the run, a little hot and tired, close to doing the Subic Bay shuffle, but stayed on top of my salt today, and learning how to deal with the heat better, so wasn’t quite there yet. I got down to the lake, and began running down the trail and ran past a group of people, looked like a family having a picnic. And all of a sudden this little blond haired girl, probalby 6 or 7 years old goes sprinting from the group down the path in front of me. At first I though she was just chasing something, but she kept going…right there in front of me and I couldn’t catch her, everytime I picked it up a little and got close she would hear me and go a little faster.  It was weird b/c her family didn’t yell at her to come back, and no one came after her. She was putting the hurt on me though, and at first just was annoying the crap out of me. A couple hundred meters later, I finally managed to pull beside her, and at this point I thought it was pretty amusing. She was running with typical little kid style, leaning forward, no sense of pacing, just playing. I said to her “good job” and she looked at me with a very focused face, and took off sprinting again and dropped me. Evenutally her lack of pacing got to her and she sat down on a bench, but still was pretty funny. I turned around later, and headed back that way, and she was walking back towards her family. When I went by, I heard her footsteps pick up as she tried to catch back up to me…but a couple seconds later I turn around and she was walking again….BONK!!

I always knew I was faster than 7 year old girls! ;-)

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