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The Beach « Zach Ruble's Blog


The Beach

I just spent the last week near St. Augustine, Florida. I was staying with my friend, who lives right on the Atlantic Ocean. It was fun to watch the surfers, and learn more about it…..it seems like it would be kind of an annoying sport, b/c you can’t surf everyday due to the way the waves are breaking. So you may go 4-5 days w-out any good waves, then when the waves do come you gotta spend the whole day training so you get the most out of it. I also went out to the beach at night andlook at the sky….it’s not a tourist type beach, so very few hotels in the area I was, and not alot of lights. So to stand on the beach at night and look up at the stars it was really cool b/c they are so clear…it also was nice that it was a quiet beach and no one on the beach for miles it seemed in either direction. Also met a nice running group and got to train with them a bit. Swam in the ocean, got seasick, and swam in the intercoastal waterway, and decided this was prime shark feeding and freaked out after about 5 minutes and got out.  Some guy had his car stuck in the sand, and I came and helped pull him out..he kept shakin my hand, and saying thanks..and shaking my hand, and saying thanks…and then he handed me a beer, maybe the only one left in his cooler.  Rode down A1A to Flagler Beach one day, rode back, real windy.

So that’s about it for now, next race will most likely be Powerman Florida in about 3 weeks.

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