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Powerman FL.

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

I raced Powerman Florida this morning. I was 4th after the run, 50-60 seconds behind– just sat back comfortably on the first 8k run.  Next was a 53 k bike,  followed by another 8k run. It was about 11-12 celsius w rain, so I loved this weather. Onto the bike I was really strong today, and made up the deficet within 9-10 miles on all three guys. I was putting them out of sight after that and really started to ride hard. There was a point on the course that the 2nd loop of the bike would start, and the next time to that point you would head back to transition. Well, when I came to what I thought was this point, I slowed and said “I’m in the lead, which way back to transition” Most of the volunteers had bailed due to the cold weather, and I guess the people there didn’t know what the course was. They said, “go right” so I did, and after 2-3 miles I realized this was not the right way, and started asking AG’ers, one guy finally told me I was supposed to go straight back there. So I turned around and by the time I got back to transition 4 guys were already on the run, and one I saw was finishing his first of two loops. I was out of the money, and my plantar fasciata was killing me…so I was not gonna smash it any more.

Very dissapointing to be so strong today (after some changes with my mental approach and to my training the last 4 weeks)  but to have a mishap like this and not make the $850 I was about to get if I just ran the last 8k at a decent pace.