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A Walk to the Pool « Brandon Marsh's Blog


A Walk to the Pool

I tweeted a while back about an athletes’ web presence generally seems to coincide with their well being or at least how they feel things are going at the time.  Rest assured…I will try to be the exception to that rule and blog and tweet consistently regardless of how things may be going.  I’ve made about three phone calls already today…and each time they have said “You sound terrible”.  Gee thanks.  I feel terrible.  But, at least I know you can tell how bad I feel.  Hopefully this sinus infection will go away soon.

So, yesterday I decided to take a walk since I’m off the running for a few more weeks and probably off the cycling for another week or so.  And, I’m off the swimming until I’m not running a fever and my HR is below 100 while I’m just sitting around.  Ah yes, the joys of being a bit under the weather.  So, I took an easy walk to the pool.  The pool is about 2.5 miles away.  And, I met Amy there.

YouTube Preview Image

And, for the record, she had emailed coach that she finished her workouts.  And, for the record, she did get that swim in yesterday!

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