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Lost The Plot…Rev 3

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

So I made a major error on Sunday that cost me a ton during the Rev 3 long course race in Sandusky, Ohio at Cedar Point Amusement Park.   Around mile 80 of the bike I came to the intersection that we were to either go left for lap 2 or straight towards the finish.  At this point in the race when you have been hammering away for over 3 ours on the bike you lose focus, or at least I do.  Anyway I went straight and thought it was too early to be heading back to T2 so I stopped and asked a policeman if the leaders of the full Rev had gone by yet, he didn’t know…I turned to a volunteer and she didn’t know.  So I turned around and headed back to do what turned out to be my 3rd loop on the lollipop loop but before carrying on I asked yet another volunteer and she too did not know.  So I put my head down and kept going…10 or so miles later as  I passed miler marker 70 but I was on mile 90 on my computer, I realized I was on my 3rd loop.  At this point I knew my day was over but figured I might as well keep riding and get in a good workout.  At 105 miles I pulled off and to find out I was still 25 miles from home…now contemplating find a race next weekend I pulled out and got a ride back with 2 nice fellows from NY.

I take total blame for this as I should have known the course better and as James pointed out in his blog I fell asleep while driving the course the day before.  But in total honesty I never normally drive courses as I trust the markers too much and keep with the honesty theme it stresses me out when I drive the course the day before so I put my head back and relaxed…You live and you learn I suppose but as Doc pointed out I seem to be making every mistake in the book…

I take comfort knowing that 2 other pros made a similar mistake and Heather Gollnick pulled me aside telling me to not feel too bad as she has done it twice.

It wasn’t a total waste of a trip as James got his first Iron Distance win but would have been even better if I was on the podium with him, and thanks to our chauffeur Brian Shea from Personal Best Nutrition who got some great exposure and business at the expo.  Also congrats to Amy for another impressive win and to Keagan for nailing the run  considering  the limited running he has been doing due to do some knee niggles.

As for me, the best part of my weekend was  attending the midnight finish where I had the honor of greeting the last finisher, Alan Morrison, with his first ever Iron Distance finisher’s medal!  What a great feeling it was to support such a happy man!!

I am waiting to hear back from WTC on whether or not they will grant me an entry into the Syracuse 70.3 this weekend as I know I am very fit and really want to race so hopefully I will be toeing the starting line this weekend in Syracuse, NY…Despite my mishap I recommend any Rev 3 event to anyone as what they are doing is fantastic and really hope their series takes off!!!