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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Well it appears Brandon has beaten me to the punch in the movember blog category but in doing so he has educated me as I was unaware of the rules for the movember competition.  I decided earlier this month that I too would grow the mustache in honor of Movember and an attempt to race awareness for men’s cancer.  But my strategy was to  first grow a beard and on Nov 1st shave down to my 70s look that I might have the courage to claim, has gained me some fans over the years, oh yes the mustache has a following and it began  back in my college years when I grew the handle bar mustache during the fall of 2003 cross country season where I helped carry our team to the National Championships.  Since then the mustache comes out from time to time but only for special occasions.   So here I sit with a full beard that is kind of driving me crazy  and I read that I gotta shave down and start over???  Or do I keep with the original plan and roam the earth for the entire month with full growth??   But I guess this is against the rules.    Here are some photos of some of my past mustaches please post your thoughts on the forum.  Maybe we can convince some of followers and other male teammates to join Brandon and I…

My Cousin and I at our annual bike tour a few years back

Rhode Island 70.3 A Few Years Back

USA Cross Country Champs 2006

Dr. Z and I


Training, Racing, And Weddings

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Since the end of August that has been the schedule.  After Embrunman I flew to England for my mate Andy’s wedding.  It was a perfect way to spend a week after a long race like Embrunman.  I spent much of our time helping Andy and his now wife Naomi getting ready for their big day, as well as looking after their daughter Evan, oh and of course we got in some short runs.  The wedding was a ton fun, it was great catching up with some old friends as well as making some new ones along the way.  Both Evan and Naomi looked gorgeous and us lads didn’t look too shabby in our suits.  The night was filled lots of eating, laughing, and dancing!!

Andy And Naomi

One of the highlights of the weekend was the morning of the wedding.  Andy requested that we all head over to his parents home where we would go for a run before getting dressed for the ceremony.  While out on the run as we made our way through the beautiful wet English countryside, my mind started to think back to some of the other wedding day runs I had been on.  I really took the time to appreciate just how powerful the bond of running can be as it has brought so many of my friends into my life and here Andy and I were together on his wedding day despite growing  up on opposite sides of the Atlantic,  running with his running mates as well as our mutual friend, Mark.  I’m not sure how many others can relate to this but it is such neat way to calm the nerves before a wedding!

My first such wedding morning run was back some 15 years ago when I went for a run with my brother and his groomsmen on his wedding day. One should take notice that it is not the best idea to run 10 miles and then skip breakfast like his friend Gunner did, then passed out mid ceremony.  Then there was my college teammate’s wedding, Steve Klein, and of course my wedding day, me and the boys went for a jog.  I can remember on my big day feeling pretty hung over and if one more person told me how sh#tty I looked they were going to get a whack.  But after a quick 40 minute run I was a new man.

Mark, Louie, Myself, and Andy

There were a few others on the run the morning of Andy’s wedding but I only have this photo of us four…

After Andy’s wedding I raced the Rev 3, please see last post to read about that….Since that didn’t go as planned I went to Syracuse to race the inaugural Syracuse 70.3.  After hammering myself the week in between races I really didn’t know what to expect but I knew no matter what I was going to get off the bike and run my ass off as I was in hot water with the Doc after my mishap at the Rev 3.  After an avg swim, I was feeling pretty whipped on the bike but quickly caught a few guys, then was solo the whole way, except for the dude that sat on my wheel from mile 25 all the way back to T2.  Coming into the transition I had no idea what place I was in nor how far behind I was.  I just put my head down and ran as hard I could.  I caught a few guys in the first few miles and as we turned onto the main drag in Syracuse it was a straight shot for the next 15k all the way to the finish.  I could see a few guys up the road so I kept pushing and pushing slowly picking a few more off  to finish 11th.  Not the place I was hoping for but I for sure got the effort in that I know will prepare for the upcoming IM Florida…This was my first 70.3 M-Dot race since turning professional and despite my poor finish it was a solid day and I look forward to racing more of these in the future when I can swim a bit closer to the front pack.

1:15:40 run split for 3rd fastest of the day..

After Syracuse another wedding was upon me as one of my dear friend mike, was getting married the next weekend.  Luckily I didn’t have to travel too far for this one as he and his wife Jesse were getting married at the Normandy Beach Yacht Club, which is about a half mile from my house  so all I need was a beach cruiser to get to this one.  This was another memorable day as so many our friends and family were to share the day with the happy couple.  I didn’t get to for a run before this one but did manage to get in a 100 mile ride with Bek and James the morning of…  My group of friends in this wedding are not runners or triathletes  so it was good to have Bek and James living with me to keep me honest in getting me out the door to train this day.  I even managed to get my long run  in the next day, all be it in the afternoon, after a much too late night out at the local pub, Used To Be’s, which hosted the after party…

Dubbed The Rat Pack Since We Were 12

The Happy Couple

Me and My Sis

My Parents and I

So that’s been my life the past few months.  Since Feeler and Jesse’s wedding its been all work and not much play as James and I have been hammering each other in training all the while getting Bek ready for Kona.  This trend will continue for me with Ironman Florida quickly approaching and then I have one more wedding to attend when my good friend Jill ties the knot in early December just up the road at the Bay Head Yacht Club….

The Journey continues………….

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