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Ironman Florida: Still Climbing

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Well I came about 7 minutes short of what my goal time was for this past weekend’s race at Ironman Florida but none the less I took a few more steps up the mountain as I continue my climb to the top!! Heading into Saturday’s race I had more anxiety and pre race nerves than I have ever had before a race and I think that’s because even though I have seen huge progress in my training, as Doc reminded me of earlier in the week, “The only true measure of progress is on the race track!”  I knew heading in that there was a good chance this race was going to reveal just how much my cycling has improved as I knew it was going to be a solo effort from the moment I got on my bike.  I crossed the finish line yesterday with a 40min personal best time by swimming 2minutes faster, cycling 15mins faster, and running 30mins faster than I did here last year.  I must admit though after my disappointing finish here last year, I swore I would not come back here until I could ride a 4:30 by myself and when I passed the lead pack of ten or so guys, at half way, I wanted to pull over and chuck my bike into the woods!! But I  had to remind myself that this race would prepare mentally and physically for the races later down the line.

So here’s the breakdown…It was a cold day indeed with the warmest part of the day being during the swim.  This was the first time I have broken an hour so I was pleased with that but in comparison to the leaders the gap is still too big.  Coming out of the water I had no idea what I had swum or how far back I was so it was simply… full steam ahead!!

Coming through the half way point is where I saw the leaders and even though I had those negative thoughts I was also pleased that I was catching a few packs in front of me.    I had a bit of a bad patch between miles 70-90 when we were riding into the headwind but recognized the symptoms  so I took in some calories and started to feel better the last 20kms and it was all out as I new I had nailed the ride!!  My goal was to ride a 4:40 and I was just 1 minute off!!  .  I can’t thank the volunteers in the change tent enough as they were incredible helping me change as my hands and feet were frozen until I got through the first few miles of the run.

Onto the run I chose not to wear a watch and just run off feel.  Running out of transition I heard the M.C. say that I was 18minutes down so I thought that with a 2:50 run I might do pretty well.  Unfortunately my legs were not having it and I came up 7 minutes short, I come to find out I came through the half marathon in 1:24, much quicker than I thought but obviously slowed the second half.   The last 10kms were pretty painful as the calf injury I have been nursing started to flare up but luckily I was able to keep it at bay.  Coming towards the finish I was quite relived to be done and very happy to see the clock at 8:43 as I crossed the line!!!  All in all I guess I can’t be too disappointed but I would like to come back next year with another 365 days of training in my legs and few more minutes off the swim, bike, and run and I  know that I will be in the thick of things!!

More steps were taken towards the top on Saturday but there is still much more work to be done!! I have already forgotten how bad it hurt out there and can’t wait to start training for 2011 as I believe tonight more that its not a matter of if but when I will reach the summit!!

A huge congrats to James for his first M-Dot win and to Erika for her second place finish!  Also congrats to Robbie, a.k.a Pantani and his wife Suzie for there fantastic days as well!   Keep plugging into the forum guys and the results will keep getting better!!!

Big big thanks to Doc, Alex, and all our sponsors for an amazing year!!!    As one of my clients so kindly pointed out….It looks like winter locked in the pool for me!!  So….. I’m off to the pool!!!

Enjoying the after party with James, Jacquie, and Arland Mac!!!!

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