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Training Camp: Gran Canaria

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Ahhh… another training camp has come to an end and I happy to say another level, maybe even 2 levels of fitness have been jumped! After coming off a new personal best at Ironman Florida , “The Doc” and I decided I would best be served going to camp in Gran Canaria for a month where he would be with the Swiss delegation he oversees. After bumming a ride home from Florida with some of the members of my local club, The Sandyhookers, it was a quick turn around but time was of an essence as the quicker I could get into camp, the quicker we could start building me up for my next race which looks to be Challenge Wanaka on January 22nd. So I sprung for the plane ticket as I knew it would be a wise investment towards my future not only as a professional athlete but also as a coach…

This camp was a bit more intimate than any of the other camps I have been to because it was just Brett, The Swiss Athletes, Stephen, Bella, and their new baby boy Charlie…Oh and Dan for 2 weeks. I must say that going to this camp was the best decision I have made all year as it gave me a chance to get some quality time with Brett from athletic standpoint as well some great mentoring as he continues to guide me towards my future as a performance triathlon coach. It was also good fun training with the Swiss Athletes as it gave me a chance to mix up the training with some shorter fun stuff. I will let me races in 2012 do the talking but I believe I am finding a new level of fitness on the swim/bike and just as Doc promised me 2 ½ years ago, my old run form is finally returning!

As you may have read in Doc’s latest “Looking For Clues” article, Gran Canaria is an ideal location for triathletes to train with perfect weather, great swimming pools, fantastic run routes, and some incredibly challenging mountains to ride in! I always go on about how much I love training in Leysin and I do really love it however, Gran Canaria is right up there. Plus there is lots to do in the hours in between training sessions which makes for a nice mental break from time to time…

Most days began at 7:30 with either a run or ride to the pool. As you can imagine much of the rest of the days were filled with us completing the days training with the occasional nap or rest by the pool under the warm Spanish sun. Every once in awhile we had the afternoon off which allowed us to go to the beach or go do touristy stuff like most Europeans that means, sitting in the sun at a café drinking coffee and sharing a cake, which is followed up with a nice walk and maybe some shopping.

In the evenings we would eat at the restaurant inside our resort, sometimes go for Chinese, or cook a steak in our bungalows, then share the meal on the patio which was always complimented with a nice bottle of Spanish wine. After burning my steak the first time, Manu took over the grilling duties as he loves to make the steak! I do the marinade, he does the grilling to perfection! A few nights we had the pleasure of having Brett sit and chat with us telling us some great old stories and opening our minds to what the human body is capable of! These are the nights I will never forget as they are now stored in the memory bank! Sometimes you sit and listen to Brett talk and you can’t help but think how lucky each of us are to have this man helping us along as we pursue our dreams! Quite frankly it is an honor to be coached by him not only on the playing field but also in the game of life!

So lets see some of our followers and online coached athletes make the trip to train with us in 2012 as you strive to achieve the goals you have set forth for yourselves!!!

As for me I am home at The Jersey Shore for a few short weeks during the Christmas Break. I will do my best to maintain the fitness I have gained before heading off to New Zealand where I will be meeting up with former Team TBB Athlete Keegan Williams. I am really looking forward to banging out some miles with Keegan as well as visiting with his wife Tracy and new baby girl! It will also be a trip of a lifetime for me as I have heard so many wonderful things about NZ, in fact when I told one of my best friends, Mike, that I was going to NZ, he emphatically replied, “Dude….you might not come back”

A huge thanks to Brett for inviting me to this camp! And to the Swiss, thank you for your friendship as it was good fun training and hanging with you all!! And to Stephen I really enjoyed THE LONG RUNS and rides with you this camp, I think we got in some great work together!!!

Below are some photos from the trip..

Out for sunset cruise

Stephen with our new assistant coach (His son Charlie)

Duna Golf's Pool