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Coming Out Of The Fog

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Been a little while since I have checked in so here it goes….If you have been following my race results you can most likely see that I am not the same athlete I was just 6 months ago…I have been struggling quite a bit since early March but sometimes you don’t realize how deep a hole you have dug until you start to climb out of it. Some recent blood work revealed that my testosterone levels are low and not just a little low but really low! After my last race at Wildlower, where I was a complete embarrassment, I made the decision to shut it down and try to bring my levels up naturally through rest, diet, and light exercise. I am now 2.5 weeks into my rest and can feel myself coming back to life. Each day that I get out of bed I have more and more energy and the weights that I felt like I have been lugging around my ankles continue to get lighter.

If I truly look back I think I have resembled more of a zombie over the past few months then a human being and it feels great to finally have some feeling inside of me again! I would have thought that the one person that might have noticed how run down I had become would have been Carrie but funny enough I think her parents were the ones that noticed the most just how exhausted I was….They were always telling me how tired I looked….

It’s a difficult decision to back off training because the paranoid athlete inside of you just wants to keep training for fear of losing all the fitness you have built…but the logical athlete recognizes that the training is only making things worse! Its especially hard to fill your day when you are used to being outdoors doing what you love to do!

At the moment we are back in the “Beach House” where Carrie is training away getting ready for some races. The small beach community of Normandy Beach is still very much a disaster area with homes toppled over from last fall’s Hurricane Sandy..But everyday we see progress and more faces return to the community. One plus is the night time is now very very quiet with not much traffic so we can hear the sound of the waves crashing along the beach, which are usually drown out by passing cars…I look forward to getting back to training on the now being repaired roads that have helped shape my love for running and riding!

Just 2 Blocks away what used to be Camp Osbourne

Homes untouched 6 months since the storm

Since I am resting I thought it would be a good time to get my overall health sorted out as when you spend 9 + months of the year on the road you tend to neglect some things! First up was a visit to see Dr. Gerado Goldberger of Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. We decided it was the perfect time to get the plate removed from my collar bone that I broke nearly 2 years ago. So Monday morning I once again went under the knife. I was in and out in less then 4 hours and by noon standing on the pool deck playing coach for Carrie as she whacked out one of Doc’s favorite swim sets. I am happy to have this plate out and can now ride freely without worrying about further damage from a crash on the shoulder again.

The Removed Hard Wear

I have also gotten my heart checked out, my skin looked at, and final piece of the puzzle is to get my teeth fixed as the constant consumption of sports drink + coffee + wine has damaged them….Good thing we have a new sponsor in Ignite Naturals who make an electrolyte drink without the sugar that eats away your teeth!

The good news is, I don’t have skin cancer, just need a mole removed, my ticker seems to be in good shape, and my motivation to train and race is returning. I hope to be back in the water in a week and can even start to ride and run in the next day or so…I will have another round of blood work done to make sure my T levels have come up before I can resume a normal training load…but if all goes well I hope to be back to my “animal” self by mid July!!!!

As always thanks for reading and following my journey!!!