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Not enough hours in the day! « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


Not enough hours in the day!

Well there is, but I am a bit of a telly addict so I waste alot of time sitting in front of the TV:) Although I do see that as good recovery:)

I seem to have done alot of hours taining recently so apologies to anyone who has waited a while for replys to their emails to me,  I am catching up just now:)

So the best thing on TV this week was Ronnie O’Sullivan’s 147 at the Snooker this week. He made a bit of a fuss about there not being any prize money for it and wasn’t going to pot the black but that just made it extra interesting. He really is a genius at snooker, it was great to watch, especially as he was missing everything in the frame before!

So just over 2weeks to IM Hawaii, I have my trip all planned. I will be going with my mum, I need someone to look after me!  Bella will be doing the TriStar222 in Sardinia the week before to earn some bread and then I will be on my way to Kona and try to earn some bread there too.  It is a seriously expensive trip so getting in the top 10 is my goal and I will be doing my best to do that. Training is going well,  I am tired as always:) 

 I plan to catch lots on the run. Unless I come of the bike 1st, in that case I guess I won’t be catching anyone:)

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