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5th at Challenge Roth « Stephen Bayliss's Blog


5th at Challenge Roth

The crowds on the Solarberg climb are incredible, the noise is defening, it is truly a unique experience for a triathlon.  The crowd support every athlete it is just as crazy for all the agregroup athletes as well as the pros.  The whole race is a very special experience

Team TBB had quite an impressive weekend! James was very impressive all day at Roth, and was certalnly the strongest and smartest athlete on the day, he is showing he really is a top contender now! Good effort after a year out from Ironman well done.

The race was an amazing experience, I haven’t done any race like it before. The crowd support is incredible especially the Solarberg climb which is just crazy, see picture!

I came out of the swim at the front of the main group which was enourmous! Then onto the bike and after some solid riding over the first few climps the group was down to just Bachor, Brown, Bracht, Aigros, Georg, James and myself. Bachor rode off and the rest of us stayed together for the most of the ride till the last 20km when it split into 2 groups.

Onto the run and I was in a decent position just 2min 30 down on James, Bracht and Aigros, but I didn’t run as fast as I needed too so finished in 5th.

I had a lovely steak dinner in the evening cooked by my incredible homestay Cornelia, she was a great support all race and even made it down to the finish. I have been so lucky to have such a wonderfull homestay with Cornelia and Manfred, next year hopefully Bella, Charlie and I will all be able to come and experience this amazing race.

I also came 3rd in the ETU european championships which was incorporated into the race as well. It is my 3rd time getting a bronze medal in the ETU champs, so it was a successful trip I think.

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